Budapest, October 11 (MTI) – Financier George Soros, in cooperation with international and Hungarian organisations, provides financial support for “unbridled illegal immigration”, an MP of the co-ruling Christian Democrats told a press conference on Sunday.

Hungary’s Left “still supports immigration despite a national consultation which has clearly demonstrated that Hungarian people want the country to be protected,” Istvan Hollik said.

Soros and organisations associated with him, such as the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) or Migration Aid, will “do everything to allow an unlimited number of immigrants to enter the country,” the deputy insisted.

Hollik suggested that Soros was behind a manual issued by the Welcome to Europe organisation, which “encouraged immigrants not to cooperate with Hungarian authorities and refuse to have their fingerprints taken”.

Hollik also criticised Soros for “proposing that Europe should pay an annual 15,000 euros to each immigrant and take out a loan to cover that scheme”.

MTI Correction – The MTI news agency corrected the notioce: it wasn’t a statement of Fidesz, this opinion came from the Christian Democrats.



  1. So, one of the world’s richest men – who has made a large part of his fortune betting on the misfortune of countries – supports ‘unbridled illegal immigration’ into Hungary and other European nations.

    Furthermore, he wants these so-called ‘refugees’ to be GIVEN up to 15,000 euros each PER YEAR !!!

    This same individual suggests that LOANS should be taken out to cover this CRAZY scheme !!

    Let me guess – HE will provide the money for such loans at some OBSCENE rate of interest …

    Mr. Soros, may I hereby provide you with a bit of ROYAL ADVICE – FREE of charge !

    If you are SO determined to proceed with such a RIDICULOUS idea, then why don’t YOU buy a large area of land somewhere in YOUR present country of residence, name it SOROS ORSZAG (I’m sure that you would like to maintain SOME link with Hungary – even if only in name !) and then bring in all the so-called ‘refugees’ that are presently invading Europe.

    You can also give each of them at least 15,000 euros per year (FOR LIFE ?) – from your own fortune – and they might even crown you KING.

    However, please do NOT provide your gratuitous advice to the present leaders of my beloved country (or other European nations).

    Like all sane Hungarians, I am not the slightest bit interested in your mad ravings …

  2. Why does the Hungarian government allow these NGOs and Soros minions to operate inside Hungary? The only reason for their existence is as fronts for the US State Department and CIA to create coups d’etat. Has Hungary not paid attention to what happens where these slimy actors ply their color revolution trade? There’s a reason the Russians made them register as foreign (and hostile) agents. Kick them out and screw whatever the EU says. You either kiss the EU’s ass or protect Hungary, it’s sovereignty and it’s citizens. Beware the NGO Trojan Horse!

  3. Why does this dirty individual keep showing up at times of crisis claiming to be a ‘philanthropist’ and ‘financier’, when he should be termed a ‘spin doctor’. This crook is all about trying to make a fast buck on the backs of others, like Malaysia (asian market crash in 1997). Glenn Beck, an American conservative even accuses Soros of being “The Puppet Master” back in 2010.

  4. If you read into his background you’ll see he’s a Hungarian Jew who sold out his own people to the Nazi’s during WW2. He is also a globalist with lots of power and influence, plus very dangerous. Sort of like Spector in the James Bond movies.

  5. The lunatic is getting old now,and with a little luck wont be bothering us for very much longer..lets hope.

  6. There is only one word these people do not understand, “Democracy”. When will they get it through to them that you have to go by with the will of the people.
    It’s similar to getting on a bus with 40 other people to find that one passenger has told the bus driver to go to another destination !

  7. I swear to God, I’m ashamed to even tell people that I’m Hungarian, due to this bastard Soros has given us a bad name around the world.
    He’s a deplorable “schmuck”, a vulture circling his prey, blatantly disregarding the will of the “people”.
    Well, as another commenter put it, hope he’ll croak soon, so this nightmare shall be over.
    Maga Trump MAGA! 😉

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