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The ruling Fidesz party group is asking the government to launch the public survey on migrant quotas and the “Soros plan” as soon as possible, outgoing group leader Lajos Kósa said on Tuesday. 

Kósa, who will fulfil the role of minister in charge of the government’s Modern Cities programme from Oct. 2, said that it is important to have information ready about what voters think about the US financier George Soros’s “plan” for the relocation of migrants before the winter recess of parliament.

The elections in Germany on Sunday clearly demonstrated that voters are very dissatisfied with the handling of migration,

Kósa said. A European Commission representative said on Monday that the quota decision which expires today would still have to be fulfilled. The implementation of “the Soros plan” is so important to the EC that they have neglected for the umpteenth time the European Court of Justice decision, he added.

Kósa congratulated to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her re-election and wished her much success in her work.

As we wrote on Monday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán sent his congratulations to party leaders Angela Merkel of CDU and Horst Seehofer of CSU in a letter on winning the German parliamentary elections.

Source: MTI

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