Zalaszántó, 2017. március 4. Érdeklõdõk a zalaszántói buddhista sztúpa új tibeti imamalmainak felszentelésén 2017. március 4-én. MTI Fotó: Varga György

The consecration of the fifty brass prayer wheels performed by two Tibetan monks, Drupon Konchok Jigmet and Drupon Konchok Lhundup before hundreds of devotees and interested visitors at the beginning of Tibetan Lunar New Year holiday.

Lama Jigme who has been living in Hungary since 2004 said the prayer wheels served the need of people who couldn’t read; by spinning the wheels devotees can obtain purification, and peace of mind, as the wheels radiate calming mantras, and prayers.

The wheels rotate in clockwise direction and the good wishes enemate from them strengthen the positive energies in devotees so creating peace and harmony in their hearts.

Zalaszántó Peace Stupa was built on the top of a 316-meter-high hill. It was consecrated by the Dalai Lama in 1993. The religious shrine is 30 meters high and 24 meters in diameter; it is one of the largest such structures in Europe, symbolizing the spirit, wisdom, love and compassion of the adorable Buddha towards all living beings.

The Drikung Kagyu Meditation Center, which is Central Europe’s largest Buddhist meditation center built right next to the stupa; it was consecrated in 2014 and now it serves tens of thousands of Buddhist devotees and other interested visitors who want to meditate and get in touch with the superior worlds. Approximately, tens of thousands of Buddhist devotees live in Hungary.

Zalaszántó Buddhist Stupa, photo: MTI
Zalaszántó Buddhist Stupa, photo: MTI
Zalaszántó Buddhist Stupa, photo: MTI

Photo: MTI

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