Budapest, 2017. július 27. A harmadik helyezett Hosszú Katinka a nõi 200 méteres pillangóúszás döntõje után a 17. vizes világbajnokságon a Duna Arénában 2017. július 27-én. MTI Fotó: Illyés Tibor

Chase Kalisz of the United States won the men’s 200 m medley event in the 17th World Aquatics Championships in Budapest on Thursday. Caeleb Dressel of the United States won the men’s 100 m freestyle event. Etiene Medeiros of Brazil won the women’s 50 m backstroke event. Mireia Belmonte of Spain won the women’s 200 m butterfly event, Katinka Hosszú took the 3rd place. The United States won the women’s 4×200 m freestyle relay event in Duna Arena. The first quarterfinal of men’s water polo tournament started really tense and was extremely exciting until the third quarter, but in the end, Hungary was able to come away with the win, which means they will play a world championship final on their home field.

Kalisz wins men’s 200 m medley


1. Chase Kalisz (USA) 1:55.56 min

2. Kosuke Hagino (JPN) 1:56.01

3. Shun Wang (CHN) 1:56.28

Dressel wins men’s 100 m freestyle


1. Caeleb Remel Dressel (USA) 47.17 sec

2. Nathan Adrian (USA) 47.87

3. Mehdy Metella (FRA) 47.89

Photo: MTI

Medeiros wins women’s 50 m backstroke


1. Etiene Medeiros (BRA) 27.14 sec

2. Yuanhui Fu (CHN) 27.15

3. Aliaksandra Herasimenia (BLR) 27.23

Belmonte wins women’s 200 m butterfly


1. Mireia Belmonte (ESP) 2:05.26 min

2. Franziska Hentke (GER) 2:05.39

3. Katinka Hosszú (HUN) 2:06.02

Photo: MTI
Katinka Hosszú, photo: MTI

United States wins women’s 4×200 m freestyle relay


1. United States 7:43.39 min

2. China 7:44.91

3. Australia 7:48.51

Men’s water polo


Greece-Hungary 5-7 (1-2, 3-3, 0-1, 1-1)
Hajós Alfréd Swimming Complex, referees: Naumov (orosz), Buch (spanyol)
Görögország: Flegkas – Genidouinas 3, Fountoulis 2, Argyropoulos, Kolomvos, Gounas, Vlachopoulos. Subs: Delakas, Dervisis, Kapotsis, Pontikeas, Mourikis. Head coach: Theodoros Vlachos
Magyarország: Nagy V. – Vámos 2, Hosnyánszky 2, Erdélyi 1, Gór-Nagy 1, Varga Dénes, Hárai 1. Subs: Török, Manhercz, Zalánki, Decker Á., Mezei. Head coach: Tamás Märcz

Greece scored the first goal of the game, but Hungary equalized immediately with a goal from Balázs Erdélyi. Both teams played well on defense in the first quarter, but Hungary was able to take the lead with a wonderful backhanded goal from Hosnyánszky, which might as well be the goal of the tournament.

A wonderful backhanded goal from Hosnyánszky (HUN)

Greece started the second quarter better with goals from top scorer Fountoulis and Genidounias, who scored three of the four first half goals from Greece. Hungary was down by one but eventually won the first half 5-4 with a goal by Hárai when there was only five seconds on the clock.

There was only one goal in the third period, Márton Vámos was on fire after his big shot. Greece hit the post a couple of times so they were a bit unlucky this time. Hosnyanszky increased Hungary’s lead to 3 goals in the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Viktor Nagy made some spectacular saves in the second half and there were a couple of big field blocks as well, so Hungary defensed extremely well, they didn’t concede a single goal in the second half until the last second.

So Hungary won 7-5 and they will have a chance for the gold medal against Croatia and they will have the home field advantage on Saturday.

Photo: MTI
Photo: MTI

Croatia – Serbia 12-11 (1:1, 4:4, 4:4, 3:2)
Hajós Alfréd Swimming Complex

For 5th place

Montenegro – Russia 9:8 (1:1, 4:2, 2:4, 2:1)

Italy – Australia 8:4 (4:2, 2:2, 0:0, 2:0)

The winners will play for 5th place and the losers for 7th on Saturday.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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