One of the venues of the 17th FINA World Championships belongs to the ice- skater lovers. The ice rink has already become one of the most beloved place in the wintry Budapest.

The situation is going to be the same in the Spring as well. This area is visited mostly by tourists and pedestrians any time of the year, because the monumental statues of the Heroes square, the Vajdahunyad Castle, and nearby the Széchenyi Termal Bath. This list going to be longer, since this is the area, where the synchronised competition will take place, better to say: instead of the artistic lake of the Városliget, mobile pools and spectator stands for thousands of interested spectators will be equipped there. The last international sport event, which was held here, was the long track speed skating European Championship, but this summer we will show something else!

Next to the Russian, Chinese, Canadian and Australian elite, there will be several Hungarian competitors who will need the fans’ support.

For the events of the synchronise swimming competitions in the Városliget, there will be tickets for before and after noon. The prices of the tickets will start at 500 HUF for both parts of the day. On the final day of the tournament, 21st of July, the passes to the evening’s finals will be between 1500 and 3000 HUF.

It is important to know; this phase of the ticket selling is only the first one. There will be more rounds.

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