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On October 4 (Friday), the FINA Swimming World Cup started in the Hungarian capital with Hungarian and international swimmers from all across the globe. The spectacular event was held in the Danube Arena and lasted till Sunday (October 6). Hungarian swimmers left the pool with excellent results and many medals.

DAY 1 – October 4

The opening day of the world cup series was golden as nine Hungarian gold medals were born on this day. In 200 meters butterfly, Katinka Hosszú won, and Zsuzsanna Jakabos became second behind Hosszú in the same category. Alongside these excellent Hungarian sportswomen, Boglárka Kapás was in the same pool with Jakabos and Hosszú and became fourth during the competition.

“I wanted to swim a very good last 50 meters, but I still feel that energy was left in me after the swimming ended. Practically, this was the first final of the season.” – stated Hosszú, who is not planning to jump in the pool in this category in Tokyo as it would be too close to the 200 meters medley.

Katinka Hosszú, Fina World Cup, Budapest, Hungary
Katinka Hosszú (Photo:

Hungarian men also achieved great results during the first day. Kristóf Milák, who broke Phelps’ world record, won in 200 meters butterfly while Szebasztián Szabó became second. Milák also won a silver medal in the 400 meters freestyle.

Kristóf Milák, Fina World Cup, Budapest, Hungary
Kristóf Milák (Photo:

Ajna Késely won a bronze medal in 400 meters freestyle, Ádám Telegdy in 200 meters backstroke, while Maxim Lobanovszkij in 50 meters freestyle.

DAY 2 – October 5

The second day brought even more Hungarian successes. Katinka Hosszú did not ease the other swimmers’ situation as she won in the 400 meters medley before Zsuzsanna Jakabos who became second behind Hosszú. Hosszú also became third in the 100 meters backstroke.

Fina World Cup, Budapest, Hungary

Jakabos collected a silver medal in the 200 meters freestyle. Bencze Biczó won in the category of 200 meters butterfly where Tamás Kenderesi and Kristóf Milák did not jump into the pool alongside with the other swimmers.

Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Fina World Cup, Budapest, Hungary
Zsuzsanna Jakabos (Photo:

The biggest surprise of the day was Bence Szentes, who became second in the 50 meters backstroke. In the 1500 meters freestyle, Gergely Gyurta became third. In the 400 meters relay medley Szebasztián Szabó, Nándor Németh, Zsuzsanna Jakabos, and Katinka Hosszú won.

DAY 3 – October 6

The golden rain did not stop on the last day as well. Hosszú won in the 200 meters medley, and Jakabos became third. Szebasztián Szabó won in the 50 meters butterfly while Katalin Burián in the 200 meters backstroke. In the same category, Eszter Feltóthy-Szabó became third.

Kristóf Milák, Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Fina World Cup, Budapest, Hungary
Kristóf Milák and Zsuzsanna Jakabos (Photo:

In the 100 meters butterfly, Jakabos won, and Evelyn Verrasztó became third. In the 400 meters medley, Dávid Verrasztó became second and Balázs Holló third.

Hungarian swimmers collected the most medals during these three days: nine gold, ten silver, and seven bronze ones.


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