The firefighter brigade in Devecser received a new fire truck as a donation from Switzerland, reports

“With the aid of the newly received truck, the volunteer fire brigade of the town is now one of the most equipped fire brigades nationwide” – said mayor Gábor Ferenczi at the handover ceremony of the vehicle. The mayor highlighted that the town of Devecser would not have been able to afford such a vehicle from their own resources within the foreseeable future.

“This truck is a rarity, since it extinguishes fire with foam, water and powder,

it certainly makes the Devecser volunteer fire brigade one of the most equipped ones in Hungary.

So far we’ve been asking for help for obtaining a new truck in vain, but Gábor Staudt, Member of Parliament, and member of the Swiss-Hungarian friendship branch, told us about the offering from Switzerland” – the mayor said about the antecedents.

The donor, Swiss John McGough told us how happy he was to help. “Switzerland is famous for helping other nations. My wife is Hungarian, we have two sons, and therefore I would also like to show gratitude for my family with the 280 million HUF (~907,800 euro) worth donation to Hungary.”

Gábor Staudt expressed his pleasure that the actively working Swiss-Hungarian friendship branch was able to help and thus politics could be useful.

He believes a politician’s job is to help the economy the same way non-governmental organisations do, and they have to bring people together whenever it is possible,

then local communities can take care of the rest. Tamás Varga, Chairman for the Firefighting Association claims that the association’s development will increase with the help of the new truck. He said that they collaborate in the liquidation of damage 35-40 times a year, and they also train regularly. Ferenc Hanula, representative of Standard Oil assured the attendees that the company will pay for the costs of the maintenance of the previous truck of the association, will grant a parking place and will support the association in other ways, as well.


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