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The ELTE Faculty of Law photo: elte.hu

Eduline.hu announced that the latest ARWU list is available. The Academic Ranking of World Universities has included five Hungarian universities among the best 1,000 this year.

2018 ARWU list has included both Eötvös Loránd University and the University of Szeged in the 501-600. category. Semmelweis University made it to the 601-700. section, while the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the University of Debrecen both rank between 901 and 1000.

In the last few years ELTE and University of Szeged had a tendency to get great rankings.

ELTE, being in the public eye these days due to the banned Gender Studies, made it into the 301-400. category in 2012. In the same year, University of Szeged ranked 401-500, and in 2015 both institutes were among the best 500.

Ranking Criteria

The compilation of the ranking is based on different indicators, but it basically boils down to three factors: scientific publications, international prestige and the interest of students from abroad.

Among other things for example, they take into account the number of former students and professors with Nobel Prizes or Fields Medals, and how often researches from the university are cited.

This naturally narrows down the circle of possible universities that can make it into the list.

The leaders

On top of the 2018 ARWU list, one can find Harvard, followed by Stanford and Cambridge. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology maintained its fourth position behind them, and Berkley finished fifth.

In fact, there are only British and American universities in the top ten,

with Princeton being the sixth, Oxford the seventh, Columbia the eighth, and CalTech and the University of Chicago the ninth and the tenth, respectively.

As far as the best twenty universities are concerned, there is only one that is not from the United Kingdom or the USA: the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich attained the 19th position. But the high ranking American universities are not as far away from us either, as the Notre Dame University from Indiana, usually ranking in the top 300 is holding courses in Hungary from this autumn at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University.

Featured image: The ELTE Faculty of Law, photo: elte.hu

Source: eduline.hu

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