Although Hungary does not have waterfalls like the Niagara, there are a few in national parks and other parts of the country you must see at least once. They are all perfect for an adventurous weekend trip with family or friends. 

Magyarországom collected the top five Hungarian waterfalls you need to see. 

Fátyol (Veil) Waterfall 

An outstanding and unique waterfall located in the area of Szilvásvárad, Bükk National Park in the Szalajka Valley. This is the most well-known natural attraction in Hungary that hypnotises people with its beauty in every season. The 17-metre-long waterfall contains 18 levels from where the water reaches the surface. While you are here, you also have the chance to walk on trails, visit Szilvásvárad which has an exceptional market, and ride on the well-known forest train of the region.

Ferde Waterfall (Tündér lépcső)

Located in Baranya County, between Kisújbánya and Óbánya, it is a waterfall only a few people know. The region is also part of the well-known Blue Trail with exceptional views and natural features.

Rám Gorge

It is one of the most exciting and adventurous natural features in Hungary. For those who love excitement, the Rám Gorge is a must-see attraction. To read more information about this region, click HERE

Lillafüred Waterfall

With its height of 20 metres, this is the largest waterfall in the country. The region also offers a beautiful view of the Lillafüred Castle, and during the winter season, the waterfall tends to freeze, forming a magnificent shape made out of shining ice. 

Waterfall at Ilona Valley

The 10-metre-long waterfall is located in the Mátra where Hungary’s highest point, the Kékes (1,014 metres), is found. On foot, the waterfall can be reached on the green trail 5 kms away from Parádfürdő. The area is full of magnificent areas, and even the Sirok Castle and Károly Palace can be observed. 

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Featured image: Wikimedia Commons by Horsee


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