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‘Fölszállott a páva’ – Folk Music And Dance TV Show starts on March 8th

‘Fölszállott a páva’ – Folk Music And Dance TV Show starts on March 8th

The broadcasting of the talent spotter show first began in the 1960’s by the original name ´Röpülj páva´. At the beginning, many raised doubts whether the show will actually become successful, but it eventually became highly popular, touched a whole country, and launched a number of internationally known performers on their way to fame as a folk music TV contest.

The current contestants were introduced during 8 regional episodes, and presented their musical and dancing skills between May and September of 2013. The best 48 will emerge from these performers, and the spectators will have an opportunity of seeing them again on stage on March 8th 2014, live on Duna TV. The contestants come from Hungary and bordering countries. The jury passed 100 performances on to the semi-finals, the anchormen will be Novák Péter and Herczku Ágnes.

The jury members in 2014 will be Zsuráfszky Zoltán, Kossuth-Prize winner choreographer, Sebestyén Márta, Kossuth-Prize winner singer,Sebő Ferenc, Kossuth-Prize winner musician –also the head of the jury-, Agócs Gergely, ethnographer, musician, and lastly, Diószegi László, historian, choreographer, and the president of Martin Folk Dance Association.

Participants could join the contest from the whole Hungarian speech area between the ages of 16 and 35 in 4 different categories: soloist singers and groups, soloist musicians and groups, soloist dancers, pairs and groups. Observations are that due to the success of the last year’s lineup, more professional dancers and singers presented themselves next to amateurs this year.

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In 2012, UNESCO provided Fölszállott a páva with sponsorship, which was announced during a live airing of the show as a great honour.

Translated by Reka Jancskar

Photo: MTI – Tibor Illyes



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