These Hungarian companies own 1/5 of the Hungarian GDP, with approximately 65 thousand employees across the country. However, half of these companies are in the capital.

Forbes reported about the most valuable companies in Hungary in which they listed the top 100 most influential and expanding ones of the country. Those which are located in Budapest are still among the prominent companies (43 out of 100), but out of the top three companies, not one is in the capital, not even in Pest County.

The Docler Group, which has a worth of HUF 208 billion (EUR 612 million) has its headquarters in Luxembourg, while MPF Holding’s is in Singapour. The second most valuable company, Videoton Holding Zrt., is located in Székesfehérvár (Fejér County) and has a value of HUF 172 billion (EUR 506 million).

The top 10 list features companies dealing with the business of the real estate market. Below them, some got featured which are prominent in the fields of manufacturing and the food industry. From three Hungarian counties (Nógrád, Somogy, and Zala), no company was featured on the list. The number of employees in the top 100 companies slowly increased since 2018, from 60 thousand to 65 thousand.

On the other hand, in 2017, these companies owned 14% of the Hungarian GDP, but last year, this percentage increased by 21%, which equals HUF 8922 billion (EUR 26 million).

The top 10 Hungarian companies

  1. Docler Group, HUF 208.4 billion
  2. Videoton Holding Zrt.
  3. MPF Holding
  4. Gránit Pólus Group
  5. Dayton Invest (Wing)
  6. Bonafarm Group
  7. Duna Group
  8. Jász-Plasztik Kft.
  9. Futureal Group
  10. MET Group

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Hungarian start-up company is the new favourite of Apple

Dóra Pálfi’s start-up company called Imagilabs does not just provide electronic devices for young women to learn to program but at the same time builds an active community. To invest in their unique app, the Imagicharm, she not only got money from donations but at the same time co-operates with several multinational companies and a Swedish pop star.



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