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Because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the European Union should be prepared for new migration waves and ready to protect its external borders, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said after talks with Nikos Dendias, his Greek counterpart, in Athens on Thursday.

The pandemic presents a new source of danger when it comes to migration, Szijjártó told a joint press conference with Dendias, arguing that the virus had been especially hard on countries that migrants had already been fleeing for Europe.

Szijjártó said Greece and Hungary were both protecting the EU’s external borders, adding that over the past five years both had constantly experienced the challenges, dangers and security risks posed by migration.

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He called on Brussels to refrain from remarks that could be interpreted by migrants as “invitations”, saying that the bloc needed to make it clear that illegal entry into a country was a crime to be sanctioned in line with national and international laws.

Szijjártó added, at the same time, that Budapest and Athens disagreed on the concept of mandatory migrant settlement quotas, which he said Hungary opposed in all its forms.

“At the same time we’re prepared to provide assistance and development support to the migrants’ countries of origin,” the minister said.

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He proposed that Hungary and Greece should cooperate in the implementation of jointly financed development schemes aimed at improving the security and living conditions of Middle Eastern Christian communities.

The two ministers also signed a tourism agreement and touched on boosting cooperation in the field of energy in the form of linking their gas pipeline networks. If all goes to plan, this could provide a new resource in Hungary’s energy supply by 2022-2023, Szijjártó said.

Source: MTI

  1. How boring this Szijjarto, so obsessed with the same topics… is there anything else he can talk about that is not related to migrants and to how to squeeze more money from the EU* ?
    * EU, also known among Fidesz oligarchs as the big cow to milk. When milk comes out abundantly, the EU is an acceptable evil, when milk portion gets smaller, the EU becomes just evil. That is their propaganda. And it works well, as long as Germany needs a cheap market providing the slaves for its motorcars industry. Even a “ slavery law “ was passed to secure the milk.

  2. @Mario,
    So what is your perfect country that you live in? Your fans really want to know, while your constantly dissing everything you read here. People , your fans really want to know.

  3. Sparky, as far as I know Fidesz is not a country. I am not against Hungary, I am against Fidesz’ policies. You, like some other supporters of this government, can not tolerate the opinions of those who refuse to support it. This is not my problem.
    All the best.

  4. @Mario,
    There in a divided country like Hungary and in the US is a battle going on with the people who struggled to grow and build, and those ‘others’ that just want to loot, burn and destroy. I’m don’t believe your the latter, but some of your comments directly help support the attack against the ruling majority government. If any the other opposition had the slightest chance of thinking, planning, looking into the future or even just down the road, they could get the majority and change some of these policies for sure. But with the opposition fighting everything and now siding with the EU MPPs, that feed off of the 18 billion EUROs that Soros gladly donated for support. The opps find it easier to keep attacking the current dual government, thinking the people will just dump them and go. No, people want to know what the options are before they vote, and right now, there are NO other options. So why then, would a New group not get together and plan a more stable government party? Did you see the dozens or more parties that were allowed to get financing to run in the last parliamentary elections against this party, like the 2 tailed dog, ?. As long as the focus is on literally fighting, and making a joke out of it, between all parties, the system will not change. Nobody in Hungary is going to walk into another Commie, Nazi style trap.
    Thanks for not answering my question directly, i can see where your coming from, just don’t agree with your ways.

  5. Like a ‘fart’ in a tight pair of underpants, Mario’s sole purpose for existence is to cause as much discomfort as possible whilst at the same time making sure that everyone else is aware of his miserable presence.

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