The foreign ministry is providing “all possible help” to Hungarians saved from the hurricane-struck island of St Martin, Tamás Menczer, the ministry’s press chief said on Sunday, rejecting reports that the Hungarians in question had been “left alone and not given help in covering their costs” . 

Six Hungarians and a Slovenian citizen were rescued from the Atlantic island of St Martin after hurricane Irma ravaged it last week.

Menczer said on Sunday that the travellers were in an emergency situation after they chose to remain on the island “even though the hurricane had been forecast long before”.

The Hungarian government rented an aircraft and brought them to Curacao, a safe island nearby. The government then arranged for cargo plane to transport them home. The plane broke down in the meantime, and the travellers have been told that the consulate will lend them money for their accommodation and any commercial fares for onward travel, he said.

Source: MTI

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