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Former PM Gyurcsány’s DK to start election campaign in September

Former PM Gyurcsány’s DK to start election campaign in September

The leftist opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) will launch its campaign for the 2018 general election with an assembly in Budapest on September 2, the party’s spokesman said on Sunday.

The assembly will take place in the capital’s Nyugati (Western) Square, which is fitting as Hungarians will decide for either “Orbán or Europe” in the upcoming election, said Zsolt Gréczy.

DK offers stronger membership in the European Union, long-term economic growth, stable and predictable wage rises, a national and common European system of values, and military security as well as security for asylum seekers, he said.

The campaign will focus on healthcare, education, the migration of Hungarians, the fight against poverty, a new family policy, accountability for the “criminals of the Orbán government” and the restoration of the rule of law, he added.


The party started preparing its own candidates for 106 constituencies in the summer, but is ready to cooperate with other opposition parties to ensure a realistic chance of unseating the government, he added.

Source: MTI

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