Election 2018


Trump supports the Hungarian PM Orbán’s reelection

The former US president Trump supports the current Hungarian PM Orbán’s reelection #USA #Hungary #politics #fidesz #RepublicanParty #Republicans #DonaldTrump

Hungarian opposition turns to top court over changes to residency regulations

"Changes to Hungarian regulations over the declaration of residence legalised voter fraud"

Civic governemnt guarantee to continued family support, says Minister Novák

"The opposition had planned to abolish the CSOK family home-creation subsidy" @KatalinNovakMP

Croatian presidential election to go to runoff in January

Former Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic won the first round of presidential election on Sunday #croatia #election2019 #presidentalelection

Jobbik MP Farkas indicted on charges of election fraud

Hungarian parliament suspended Farkas's immunity in March

Local elections – Budapest Mayor: Opposition campaign aimed at destabilisation

The incumbent #mayor said the opposition's messaging was not even focused on #Budapest, adding that the proposals they have put forward were "rather unbelievable"