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Political parties afoul of funding rules will get less state money from July

Political parties afoul of funding rules will get less state money from July

Budget support for all parties that ran afoul of political financing rules will start receiving less state support from July, the treasury said on Monday.

The State Audit Office established before the April 8 general election that the radical nationalist Jobbik party had received illicit financial contribution amounting to 331.6 million forints (EUR 1.03m).

The now defunct Együtt party chalked up prohibited funding of 9.8 million forints, while the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) had 8.2 million on its books.

Other parties received unlawful monies each between just over 2 million forints and 7.5 million.

The treasury decided not to fine the parties in the run-up to the election and did not make any central funding deductions from any party before the end of April.

The law stipulates that a party’s support from the central budget should be reduced by the same amount as any funding violations over the timeframe of the next four years.

The authorities have outlined deduction regimes for the various parties depending on the nature and extent of their infractions.

Source: MTI

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  1. Sander Driessen

    Not only for Holland, believe me
    Why do we actually pay taxes?
    This is probably a question that many will have asked themselves. When you answer this question in an authentic and sincere way, you will undoubtedly receive an answer indoctrinated by the taxcollecting government. They will mainly be answered aimed at the necessary funding of the many public services provided by the government for every resident, in the name of a democratic, constitutional state. But yes, it is of course essential to ask yourself whether someone really knows why we have to pay an enormous amount of taxes worldwide to a government that only finances bad things with it. For example in the Netherlands for:
    • the luxurious life of a totally superfluous (unlawful) royal family
    • a war machine
    • a poisonous industry
    • a poisonous non-healing care
    • a completely unnecessary cash-spilling control and civil service in the interior and Brussels
    • a robber machine of the money magnates of the world, which we are therefore forced to help maintain
    Things where every sensible, well-meaning and benevolent person cannot join in the deepest of his knowledge. This may show that the government is in fact a rover! For the insane amount and types of taxes. We are being burdened for life here on this planet.
    The Government
    Yet all of us, whether we like it or not, have become trapped in a web of tax-imposed robbery that sucks our life energy. Because money is also an earthly form of life energy, with which we should be able to meet our basic necessities of life. We are forced by this vampiristic system to have our life energy robbed and sucked away. The life energy is in fact intended for building and maintaining life on this planet. For life is a creative source that nourishes itself by unconditionally passing on its creative power and thus multiplying itself and returning it to that source. We are, however, forced to let it be robbed by a rover in the service of elitists money magnates, which strengthens it. Because death takes its place wherever life deviates! Look around you in this world and see how the regular media funded by roverlessness plant their death-giving and system-sustaining message in the subconscious mind of many on this planet. Messages that are mainly aimed at raising fear of enemies. Making the rising expenditure for security measures legitimized in the form of more blue on the streets, no security cameras everywhere and an ever-expanding military-industrial complex and money-consuming machine. See how many, too many, have become convinced that taxes are necessary for our life on this planet. We give our life energy in the form of labor. By doing so, we are giving away our individual qualities to the ‘society’ that has become a partnership (elite) of elitist money- and power-hungry. There can be less and less of society, but of increasing numbers of people. Within the prevailing economic model, human labor, according to the theory of dialectical materialism of Karl Marx, is a means of production. But one production tool for what? What then has to be produced by means of this human labor, with all its invested life energy? The further increasing number of joints? What is the underlying philosophy? Why do people have to be taken to new ideologies time and again that are in fact nothing more than old wine in new bags? Why do people have to join in a centuries-long feudal system of superiors and subjects who, with every delusion of the day or the century, again shrouded in a new sheepskin, for yet another or perhaps the same wolf?
    The Fabian Society
    The wolf in sheep’s clothing is the symbol of the Fabian Society, which is part of their famous Fabian Window. It is an image of a stained-glass window that originates from the home of the founders of London School of Economics, the couple Sidney and Beatrice Webb. Their house was the first headquarters of the Fabian Society. In 1978 the window was stolen there and later popped up in Phoenix, Arizona. There, too, the weather disappeared and in July 2005 the Webb Memorial Trust relocated at the auction of Sotheby in London. It then received a place in the building of the London School of Economics (5). On the site of this elite school I found a particularly remarkable caption of this image. The Fabian window – lost for more than 25 years – was unveiled by Prime Minister Tony Blair on April 20, 2006 during the centenary year of the Labor Party in its new home, the Fabian-founded London School of Economics and Political Science. The stained glass window was designed by George Bernard Shaw in 1910 as a commemoration of the Fabian Society and fellow fellowship members Sidney Webb and Er Pease, among others, helping to build the new world (order). Now, after a fascinating history, the window has been found in the heart of London at LSE, the social science university institution founded by Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb and Shaw in 1895. At first, the window was unveiled by Labor prime minister Clement Attlee, also a former LSE lecturer.
    The stained-glass window of the Fabian – which had been lost for the past 25 years – was unveiled on April 20 by Prime Minister Tony Blair during the 100-year-jubilee year of the Labor Party, in his new home base, the Fabian-founded London School of Economics and Political Science. The stained-glass window was originally designed by George Bernhard Shaw (the writer GJ) in 1910, in memory of the ‘Fabian Society’ and shows the fellow members of this society Sidney Webb and E.R. Pease, among others, that help to establish the New World Order. Now, to a fascinating history, the framework has once again found a home in this LSE school, which is a social science institute founded by Sidney Webb and George Bernard Shaw in 1895. This first revelation, when the framework was presented for the first time, was done by the Labor Prime Minister Clement Attlee, also a former LSE teacher.
    The quotation above shows that they, as ‘smart’ spirits, had a picture of how the world should look like according to which they would build the new world (order). H.G. Wells, the well-known writer of ‘Timemachine’ and ‘War of the Worlds’ and prominent Fabian Society member, explained in his book ‘The Open Conspiracy’ how this new world (order) would be and would be have to see.
    The NWO, the New World Order.
    He also explicitly called it a new world order. The book first appeared in 1928 and then appeared several times in revised versions and most recently in its final version in 1933. The term New World Order (NWO) was adopted at the end of the 20th century and even more since the beginning of the 21st century, after 11.09.2001, by more and more leading figures from the elite corps. George H. W. Bush was one of the most notable NWO fighters. Wells wrote another book entitled ‘New World Order’. As a basis for this NWO, the Fabian Society propagates a concept of collectivism, in which the individual is found to be totally unimportant and has to sacrifice himself for the State. The state represents the collective. The Fabians, because of their ‘superior intelligence’, were destined to help shape that (World) State. The Fabian window shows that they do not want to apply gentle methods. The world is beaten with hammer violence in its proper form. Above the heavily decorated globe, the emblem is visible, with which the Fabian Society shows that it is concealing and behaves like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Absolutely not to be trusted.
    It is written: ‘Remould it nearer to the hearts desire’. And what would be the greatest desire of these people, do you think? Could that perhaps be a total world control, with all the means at their disposal brought about? You can ask yourself to what extent the ideas of the Fabians that in 1870, according to Griffin, was brilliantly articulated by a professor John Ruskin at the University of Oxford, again inspired by the ideas of Adam Weishaupt and his Illuminati. He founded his order in 1776 and had to flee to England not long afterwards. At the bottom of the picture you can see two groups of people kneeling in their middle standing bookcase. When you enlarge the image you see that there are stacks of books in that cupboard. And what are books intended for and / or the symbol of? From knowledge gathering! The knowledge that can lead to power gathering and also legitimizes it. Because appealing to that knowledge allows the unknowers, the powerless, to know their place in the Order created by the Knower / Enlightenment / Illuminati. At the very left at the bottom of the window, behind the kneeling groups is a man pulling a long nose. He shows that the worshipers are misled by attaching so much value to knowledge. Because determines the content of that knowledge? Let it be clear, however, that in our time of individualization, knowledge can also be acquired in an individual way by taking lessons learned from our own life experience, nurturing it with our own morally-founded heart power and turning it into wisdom. The article placed next to the image also leaves Mr. Blair (8) talking and shows his words he spoke with the unveiling of the window at his new location.
    Mr Blair spoke about the remarkable way in which the Fabians are influenced the Labor Party, not just in its creation but also in its economic, political and intellectual development. Despite this, I hope they would, in today’s Labor Party. “All of the very obvious differences in policy and attitude and positioning. He continued: ‘One of the things I think they were at the same time ut-terly iconoclastic (an iconoclast is an iconoclast, AZ) about the traditional thinking ) came out, they questioned that conventional wisdom (? AZ) in its fundamentals and did so with remarkable success. Mr Blair concluded that he was “absolutely delighted to come to the end of the year,” which is similarly associated with the Fabians and the Webbs for such a wonderful and poignant moment.
    Mr. Blair spoke about the striking way in which the Fabians influenced the Labor Party. Not only in the creation of the party, but also in its economic, political and intellectual development. Blair: Despite all the obvious differences in politics, attitude and positioning. shows a large number of the values of the Fabians and George Bernard Shaw still very recognizable, at least that I hope, in the current Labor Party. He continued: One of the things in which they were excellent, that they were iconoclasts in heart and soul, over the traditional thinking that governed our country. And indeed where a piece of conventional wisdom was brought forth, they fundamentally questioned this wisdom.And they did that with remarkable success. Mr. Blair concluded that he was “completely in his element” with his arrival to this extraordinary center, which is beautifully connected to the Fabians and the Webb’s at such a ‘wonderful and striking moment’. It should be clear that Blair is also a member of the club. He also studied at the London School of Economics and is therefore remodeled nearer to the hearts desire-way of thinking. It explains why he made England the largest Big Brother state in Europe. Also why he was such a strong supporter of the plan to strike Iraq in the right chaotic form with military hammer violence. It reflects the greatest wish of the Labor Party, inspired by the Fabian Society. The image above is the symbolic representation of the future image Fabian Society has of what they have as ruling intellectual (or satanic) inspired feudal rulers on this planet. When one delves deeply into the background of this elite club, which has produced many political leaders, one quickly comes to the conclusion that they are indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For both socialism / communism and liberal capitalism originate from their narrow “superior intelligent” thought-cooker.
    The future is calling
    Edward Griffin, in his lecture ‘Secret Organizations and Hidden Agendas, The Future Is Calling (Part Two)’ shows how the Fabian Society originated. He paints a picture of the intellectual climate in the well-to-do bourgeoisie in England at the end of the 19th century. He shows how the emerging Enlightenment thinking perfectly matched their regent mentality and they saw themselves as self-appointed educators of the working class created by the industrial revolution. At first it all seemed to arise from the best intentions, a kind of pity on the poor living conditions of the workers. But soon this compassion turned out to be a beautiful package for a banal desire to dominate and to abuse the vulnerability of the economic dependent. How can an elevation of the working class also arise from a group of intellectual rulers who, on the basis of their intellectual cunning, think they know what is good for others, but are in fact only interested in what is good for themselves? Their social involvement did not go beyond the creation of a society in which a socio-economic safety net was created that would be financed by its users by means of clogged, therefore stolen, taxes. These taxes therefore do not benefit the population, but are used as a sheep wrapped in sheep’s clothing to enrich themselves and the entire elitist clique. It became the birth of the welfare state that was introduced in several European countries in various ways. Can not we recognize this in the mentality of our current political regents and the kleptocratic elite they protect? The symbol of the wolf in sheep’s clothing is therefore not chosen for nothing and reflects their true intentions. Just like the Freemason pyramid with the all-seeing eye at the top, there is nothing left to be desired. Below is a video that shows very clearly what the Fabian Society is, (The article in which the video is recorded also indicates that there is a direct link between the Fabian Society and early Zionism.) David Ben Gurion was a member of that club ):
    The people have always had to turn up for the prosperity of the elite! Paying taxes has historically been an old phenomenon. The bible already talks about paying taxes to the Roman emperor. In the Bible there is a story in which Jesus is asked the question whether one should pay taxes.
    Strict question about the imperial tax.
    They paid close attention to Him and sent minions who had to pretend to be righteous, in order to catch Him on a statement that would allow Him to extradite Him to the governor, the competent authority. They asked Him a question: Master, we know that You are right in the doctrine; You give without any * respect of persons and truthfully teaching about the way of God. Can we pay tax to the Emperor or not? “But He perceived their false intent and said,” Let me see a denarie. Whose image is written on, whose inscription? “The emperor’s, they answered. Then He said to them: Give then to the emperor what is of the emperor, and to God what is of God. They could not catch Him in the presence of the people at any word; amazed at his answer, they silenced. (10) This statement of Jesus is of course important within the socio-political framework of that time. Whether or not we should go with that now, I have my questions. The Fabians pretended from elite arrogance to know what was good for the well-being of the artificially created working class by the industrial revolution and designed a well-organized social system for it. Financially, those intellectuals were the wealthy and could have financed that social system if they had really had pure intentions. Since they did not have it, they created a system in which the workers had to work hard in order to tax the earned work for the benefit of the public through the collection of taxes. This gives the appearance of social security with socio-economic safety nets. The oldest trick in the world, he apparently still works: Imagine yourself as someone else! With a view to health and ‘safety’ in mind, a process is rolling out, which eventually ends, making people and the press silent! Workers and / or slaves were told the illusion that they were embedded in an economically just system that would meet their basic needs in times of unemployment. However, they had to pay for it themselves to finance that system, while the richer elite only reaped the benefits and did not have to invest a penny in it. In short, the workers / slaves still had to and still have to pay with their blood, sweat and tears for the disproportionately luxurious life of the ruling elite. One can see this as a perfected form of herd management. Managing the human herd, which is used as financial dairy cattle.
    The roverheid as a wolf in sheep’s clothing
    What I want to make clear with the above is that every rover, whether liberal or capitalist, socialist / communist or any other conceivable intermediate form as disguise, is aimed at keeping the mob in check. She does this by levying taxes, which means that the mob has to be too busy, to pay with a financial clump in the reeds, and to have to pay extra for her own livelihood by having to pay taxes on everything. Often things are even double taxed. The Burger Slave Number (BSN number) is a digital expression of this well-organized financial dairy farm. Would members of the ‘royal house’ and other elitists also have a Citizen Slave Number? The answer to this question is of course predictable! For years there has been a debate in the parliament about the ‘royal house’ and the payment of taxes. Constitutionally stipulates that they have a tax exemption. The so-called ‘Royalists’ indicated that they wanted to pay taxes on the basis of that discussion, but they had to get more money to do so. That is why Prime Minister Rutte has enforced a compensation scheme for them. Possible successor to the throne Amalia gets for the fact that she is the successor to the throne and was born in a ‘royal’ family, from the taxpayers paid by us € 4,000 per day she does not have to do anything at all! At the end of October 2017, Rutte still indicated that it would like to hold € 1.5 million on an annual basis for the now 17-year-old orange oil.
    Government debt
    Roverheid sees us only as tax slaves, through our Burger Slave Number. In order to be able to provide her own cash and to pay her debt to the banks. Because that rover is another debt-paying slave of those banks. She needs us to help pay off her debts. It is not our debts, but the debts of roverheid to the banks, in order to be able to maintain its insanely bureaucratic civil, war and disease-producing recording equipment that has grown out of control. Civil servants believe that they have acquired an apparently social status in the context of employment, but in fact do not make any essential contribution to a more humane society. However, they are only, in our modern times, the digital record holders of everything that has been or has not been fulfilled by the surviving legal obligations. Insofar as this has not been done, it is up to the civil servants to determine and execute the resulting statutory sanctions determined by other officials. Roverheid is a life-energy sucking non-human machine that has made us a cog in its mechanical network. And we made it happen! The public benefit therefore mainly means that the bags, which are already so scandalously well filled, are filled in a scandalous way even further. Garbage man, can these well-filled bags also come along?
    What can we do about it?
    This is a difficult question, since the answer to it cannot be given by a single or a small group. When a person is disobediently bourgeois by not paying taxes, he / she is destroyed financially, socially and emotionally. The bailiff comes along and in the name of the ‘king / state’ advances all your goods and well. You are then doomed to lead a non-possessional existence on the streets at the edge of society. With the winter in front of the door, that is not a pleasant prospect. For reasons of principle, one can opt for this, but in doing so one unnecessarily becomes a martyr and the system continues to continue its merciless life-energy sucking effect. So it does not contribute anything to a change. Such an action of civil disobedience, just like any other action in this area, really only makes sense and meaning when a huge group of people switch to it. So how to do that? Who knows may say. That is why I call for ideas to be submitted via the contact form of this website. Or send an email to the webmaster, who will then send it to me. Let your creativity run wild. Let us grasp the cow by the horns and stop paying taxes, even if only partially! Everything helps, you believe me!

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