Fidesz group leader Máté Kocsis
Budapest, 2018. április 25. Kocsis Máté (Fidesz-KDNP) megválasztott parlamenti képviselõ és Gulyás Gergely, a Fidesz alelnöke és delegációjának vezetõje megérkezik az Országgyûlés alakuló ülését elõkészítõ tárgyalásra az Országház Apponyi Albert terméhez 2018. április 25-én. MTI Fotó: Szigetváry Zsolt

Hungary’s opposition has turned its back on the country’s security and future, ruling Fidesz‘s new group leader has said. But neither the country nor the government will be “at their mercy”, thanks to the electorate’s powerful backing of the government in the April election, Máté Kocsis said in an interview.

Viktor Orbán’s fourth government will confront policies currently pursued by Brussels as “its gravest challenge”, he told Saturday’s Magyar Idők. Fidesz’s priorities have not changed, he added.

“These include protecting the borders, preserving our Christian traditions, working to achieve full employment, and supporting families,” he said.

The governing parties have demonstrated their commitment to these objectives, and Hungarians clearly showed their support for them in the general election,

Kocsis said.

Commenting on the government’s “Stop Soros” package of bills submitted to parliament in February, Kocsis said the package was a key component in combatting migration.

“We need a carefully considered law, since the issue here concerns sham civil organisations entrusted with what is very much a political task … attacking Hungary by exploiting legal loopholes,” he said. Fidesz wants the government to keep its proposal on the table so that parliament can adopt the bill as soon as possible, he added.

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  1. Viktor Orbán achieves important victory – Soros stops campaigning in Hungary
    The Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán has achieved one of his most important goals: he managed to stop the political activities of the left multi-billionaire George Soros in his country. On 15.05.2018 Soros’ donation machine – the Open Society Foundation – announced that it is withdrawing from Hungary. In the Orbán family an extra festive goulash dish will probably be cooked tonight: the great opponent of the Hungarian Prime Minister, George Soros, has announced that he will no longer hold campaigns aimed at Hungary. He finds it irresponsible to go even further with campaigning in Budapest and surroundings. The Open Society Foundations (OSF) of philanthropist George Soros ceases its activities in Hungary. The organization announced this on 15.05.2018. According to chairman Patrick Gaspard, the security of the ‘operations and employees can no longer be protected against interference by the government’. Orbán accuses the Hungarian-American founder George Soros of being the center in a network of human rights activists, left-liberal media, opposition members and ‘Brussels bureaucracies’ who want to flood Hungary with refugees. The 100 employees of the OSF in Hungary now have to look for other work. The OSF itself is down, but not out. Soros is still a welcome guest in Brussels and will continue with his political campaigns from the headquarters in Berlin. So at Mufti Sauer (Merkel), a person who completely lost her way. So it seems that Europe is liberated from this man. (Satan) But Hungary is now free however – and again Viktor Orbán proves that he is perfectly capable of rowing against the Brussels stream. The Politburo in Brussels.

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