Budapest largest musical fountain on Margaret Island

If you want to listen to these songs, visit the musical fountain on Margaret Island at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. You can hear songs by Gigi Radics, Viktor Király, Benji, Charlie and Caramel, reports Read on to see the list of songs that were chosen to be played every day by the fountain.

Every afternoon, for 20 minutes, you can listen to a selection of songs from Hungarian artists that depict the beauty of Budapest. The local government launched a competition under the name Budapest Dal 2018 (Budapest Song 2018), where they were looking for songs that represent the ambience of Budapest. Eleven well-known Hungarian artists were asked to write a song about Budapest, but the competition was open to the general public, so every songwriter and singer had a chance to compete. In the end, an independent jury together with the audience chose the best songs.


The greatest hits made it onto an album, and now the fountain of Margaret Island will play them all summer long.

Here is a list of the winners

Károly Freinreisz: I love Budapest

Caramel: 1873

Viktor Király: Király utca (Király street)

Benji: Bárhol járok (Wherever I go; audience prize)

Charlie: Szerelmek városa (City of love)

Keresztes Ildikó: Ahol a város őrzi a Dunát (Where the city guards the Danube)

Závodi – Berkes: Óriáskerék (Ferris wheel; special prize)

Gigi Radics: Budapest szerelem (Budapest Love; winner of Budapest Dal 2018)

The winner of the competition is Gigi Radics with the song Budapest szerelem (Budapest love), which will hold the title of the Song of Budapest for a year. The audience prize went to Benji’s Bárhol járok (Wherever I go), and the special award for young talents went to the Závodi-Berkes duo with their song Óriáskerék (Ferris wheel).

Gigi Radics is incredibly happy that she won the Budapest Dal 2018 competition. “I am very proud of this achievement since I wrote this song together with my father. It is a huge honour that the fountain in Margaret Island will play this song during the summer, and this way it can reach both the locals and the tourists” says Gigi Radics.

Photo: Főkert Nonprofit Zrt.


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