labour shortage

Budapest (MTI) – Some 81 percent of companies in Hungary suffer from a shortage of skilled workers and one-fifth are unable to hire enough workers with university and college degrees, economic research institute GKI said on Tuesday citing a survey made last November.

Skilled worker shortage is most acute among companies employing more than 250 workers, where 96 percent of respondents had problems filling job vacancies.

Some 82 percent of companies employing between 151 and 250 workers said they had too few skilled workers. The ratio was 76 percent among companies employing between 51 and 150 workers, 74 percent among companies with 21 to 50 workers and 85 percent among smaller companies.

A sectoral breakdown of data shows that skilled worker shortage is highest for construction companies and metal industry companies, with the rate at 94 percent and 93 percent, respectively.

Source: MTI

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