Hungary is full of natural wonders. Besides its watery sights Lake Balaton, Velence and Fertő are the most famous and visited lakes in the country. But there are others to see hidden all across the country waiting for you to explore them. Here are the top four picks!

Hársas Lake

This lake is located next to the town of Szentgotthárd (Vas County) and is part of the Őrségi National Park. Its beach is extremely popular not just among Hungarians but foreign tourists as well. The lake is surrounded by a magical trail where you can explore its wildlife and beauties. The county’s centre Szombathely is also worth visiting.

Hársas lake, Hungary, nature, lake

Arlói Lake

This lake lies in the western part of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. The unique thing about this lake is that it was born as a result of a landslip. This is such a rare phenomenon that besides Arlói, there is only one lake in Europe that was born like this. The lake also has a Mediterranean lookalike beach as well.

Arlói Lake, lake, Hungary, nature

Deseda Lake

This one is the longest artificial lake of Hungary with its 8 km length. On the north side of the lake, the Deseda Forest can be visited with parks, playgrounds and trails to explore the rare wildlife. To enter the forest, visitors need to walk on a 100-meter-long bridge. Not far from the lake, the town of Kaposvár is also worth exploring.

Deseda Lake, lake, Hungary, nature

Old Lake of Tata

The 250 hectares big Old Lake is a place to protect Europe’s unique and endangered wildlife. This is the only lake in Europe which is fully covered by greylag gooses and other birds during autumn and winter seasons. Next to the lake, the historical Castle of Tata can be visited.

Tata, town, castle, lake

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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