The closeness of winter puts a mark on our November mood. It is getting colder, getting harder to deal with the cloudy days. However, the great amount of flavours, scents and some alcohol can make us feel better, so it would be a shame to sulk under the blanket. Especially, because the majority of these programs collected by Travelo – except the food – cost nothing.

Mangalica in Szeged, free zoo in Budapest

We can offer you many things to do on the first weekend of November. There is a Mangalica festival in Szeged, where the long-hair mangalica is on the table. By wandering around you can meet the farmers, taste pálinka, cheese and jam, and, if you get hungry, you can put the icing on the cake by eating pork dishes made here. Details on the website. The kids will be very happy about the animal exhibition. There is no ticket for the festival, you only have to pay for consumption.


Museum or Pálinka

If hearing “slide-projecting” makes you smile in a nostalgic way, then go to Erkel theatre on 7th November for Nagy Dia Nap (Great Slide-projecting Day). Younger and older audience can both feel great during the free event.

Great news for culture lovers that the Fall Festival of the Museums lasts until 13th November. There are many events all around that aim to say goodbye to fall, check the list here.

If November, then St. Martin’s Day, which means: goose. So the second weekend of November will be loud of cackling. You can taste those gooses in Siófok, where delicious food, wines, cheeses, pálinka and great street music awaits the visitors during the 8th St. Martin’s Day Pálinka Festival.

St. Martin’s day Goose Dinner happens with the collaboration of Eger and Debrecen; Debrecen gives the goose and Eger the wine. The 3 days-long event takes place on the main square of Debrecen, on Kossuth square. The delicious dishes will be cooked in a open-view kitchen, and usually 8000 portion of food is eaten during the 3 days.

There is no good news for the gooses in Etyek. There will be a “Libadalom” on 12th November. Detailed information soon on the Facebook site of the event.

Mulled wine and free ice skating

Moreover, November is so close to winter that it is already the season of the Christmas markets. The usual Christmas market on Vörösmarty square is open from 11th November. Wondering around the stands and enjoying the Christmas lights cost nothing; unfortunately, mulled wine is still rarely free.

18-20 November awaits the people with many delicious bites. The three days-long Mulled Wine Festival and Gastronomy Market will take place in Örkény, which is a 1 hour ride away from Budapest. Gastronomy market, Hungarian dishes and mulled mine give the mood in the daytime, Anna and the Barbies and Charlie in the evening. There will be a free skating-ring during the event.


Egerszalók, Demjén and Egerszólátot organize the event called “Borkorcsolya Napok” where the cities await the visitors with their wines, open wineries and delicious bites.

If you are in the neighbourhood you can visit Eger and its gastronomy festival on 19-20th November. Kids can play in the theme park, or visit kid programmes, while the parents watch the competition dealing with sausages.

New wine, and honey for the people

It seems that we are not going to do anything in November just eat and drink. Honey festival and market is organized on 26-27th November in Zalaegerszeg in order to popularize quality Hungarian products. The 13th market awaits its visitors with handicraft items and honey.

On 26th November the Winter Market opens in Kecskemét, where you can join in the Christmas mood until the first of January. There will be light show, market and concerts.

Visit Tatabánya on the last weekend of November on the Harry Potter Family Day. The one day-long event is free, with competitions for the kids.

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