The Budapest Police Headquarters reported that investigation had been being conducted against a 23 and a 21-year-old man suspected on robbery.

The two men were going by car in the 7th district of Budapest in Dob street, and when they arrived to a group of five French students, they stopped and accosted them. They pretended to be police officers and as if they presented their police card.

Following this, one of the offenders came up to one of the girls in the group and tried to take her bag, but the girl did not let it. A man tried to defend the girl but the offender grabbed the man’s mobile phone and personal documents from his pocket and assaulted him. The other offender pushed another French man from the group to a doorway and tried to take his valuables. After the offenders assaulted him, too, they got back into the car, and pulled away.

After the crime, the police officers of the 7th district identified and found the car in the eighth district with a foreign plate used by the suspected persons. The offenders were arrested on 17. January 2017, in the seventh district, in a flat. The police officers initiated their pre-trial detention.

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