According to, Ferencvaros announced that they hired Andras Rado from Haladas. Nemzeti Sport Online first reported that Ferencvaros made an offer to the Szombathely team, and they also learned the team is willing to accept it. Within the framework of the business, Roland Ugrai signed a three-year contract with Haladas.

Rado contracted from his foster association, Papa to Szombathely in 2008, where he was in the NB I at the age of 18.

“With his speed, explosiveness and agile movement he immediately drew attention to himself” said about Rado, who played 12 matches in his first season, scored 2 goals and had 8 assists.

From season to season, he showed a better shape, but he was injured last autumn. But in spring, when he returned, he became one of the best of his teams, which to thanks there was a buoyant interest in him in the summer market.

In addition to Ferencvaros, Ujpest also wanted to contract the striker, who  scored 29 goals in 91 NB I matches of the U19 and U21 national team, and it seemed they agreed with him, but eventually Ferencvaros became the winner.

As reported,  Ferencvaros paid to Haladas besides with money, with Roland Ugrai’s game license for Rado who is worth EUR 5000. The website of Haladas announced that Ugrai, who went from Haladas to FTC in 2014, signed a three-year contract with his old-new team.

After Cristian Ramírez, Leandro de Almeida, Stanislav Sestak and Zsolt Haraszti, the 21 year-old football player is the fifth acquisition of FTC.

There is a news related to the green-white team that David Matteos, football player of FTC cannot prepare with the others yet. To the question of Kossuth Radio, Thomas Doll, head coach of FTC said “the player is not member of the frame because of his attitude” – MTI said. reported that the 28 year-old football player approached from the English second division and from the USA as well, and he said he would like to leave FTC, even for free.

FTC said no to the request of Mateos, because they wanted to get money for him, and this disagreement led to the separate training.

The portal knows so that the rearguard changed his decision and wants to stay in the club.

Rado’s goal against Gyor:

Rado’s goal against Mezokovesd:

Rado’s goal against Ujpest:

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