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It is common knowledge that Hungarian is a difficult language but is it truly so? NLCafé quoted the Budapest Agent and shared a funny illustration about just how real the struggle is.

We already shared the opinion of language teachers on the difficulties of the Hungarian language, so let us now just quickly recap:

One of the main problems is that it is so different from any other language the learner may speak.

Of course, scientifically, there is no “difficult language” because every healthy child acquires their own mother tongue quite easily, so it is really the differences that might cause the problem.

Hungarian peculiarities

Hungarian is so special because we do not really have many related languages, unlike Germanic or Latin languages, so the words and rules will be completely new for most learners. Some things that make Hungarian so different are:

the difference between subjective and objective conjugation, the unique use of verb prefixes and all those different suffixed forms.

How difficult is it to learn one word?

So, to take a lighter approach, let us all find comfort in this funny illustration about the difference between English and Hungarian when it comes to learning one single word.

Is it really this difficult to learn a new Hungarian word? Photo: facebook.com/budapestagent

The image shared on the Facebook page of Budapest Agent shows that it takes a long and painful procedure to learn just one single word, whereas, in English, it is enough to hear it once. Why so few Hungarians want to learn languages then is another question…

The illustration seems to capture the main problem but we still believe that it is worth it to work hard and learn this beautiful language. To help you, we have some mini language lessons you can start with linked below.

Source: nlcafe.hu

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