Several Hungarian athletes choose to practice their sports abroad, which is totally fine. However, sometimes they do and say quite interesting things. There have been two videos going around in the past days: one about hockey player Ádám Vay and the other about football player Róbert Feczesin. It’s up to you to decide if they’re on the funny or the embarrassing side. writes that goal keeper Ádám Vay has played 18 matches as the member of hockey team Minnesota Wild in the Quad City Mallards, which counts as the third league. And he’s already over his first fight, which he won with a knock out.

The Hungarian goal keeper got into an argument with the opponent goal keeper of Cincinatti. One of the strikers of the Cyclones slid quite unfairly onto the goal keeper, which triggered a smaller crowd fight. Even the two goal keepers joined the fight.

Vay didn’t hesitate much, he knocked over his opponent with a left hook. Then he tried to help his colleague up, but the referee still gave him a 19 minutes penalty. In the end, Vay’s team lost the match by 3:2.


The other video is definitely more on the funny side. writes that Hungarian football player Róbert Feczesin transferred to the South Korean Jeonnam Dragons not long ago. He said that the language barrier was going to cause the biggest problem for him. But not in the way he expected.

“The biggest difficulty will probably be that locals don’t speak the best English, but an interpreter will help with communication” said the player. Without these words, his introductory video, where he kind of messed up all of the English sentences, would be less embarrassing.

The popular Hungarian Facebook page, TrollFoci (Troll Football) has been focused on the “incident” for the past days. They seem to come up with hilarious memes.

The meme depicts Feczesin saying no to a language exam. The “eeeeh pfff no thanks” refers to his last sentence in the video.


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