Toulouse, 26.06.2016., photo: MTI rightly notes that we are always ready to raise our hats to Gábor Király’s performance at Euro2016, therefore it’s splendid news that he won UEFA’s ‘Save of the Season’ prize on the public voting with his amazing save against the Belgian team.

The best part is that you voted for him, just like you voted for Zoltán Gera’s goal of the European Championships!

Belgium was in the lead by 1:0 in the phase of the best 16 at Euro2016, and they couldn’t seem to find a way to increase their pull. They got a free kick in the 35th minute, 19 metres away from the goal. De Bryne was behind the ball and hit it fantastically with his right foot. The ball minimally ricocheted on Király’s fingertips, but it was enough for the ball to only hit the goalpost and not the net.


Király suffered a slight joint dislocation but he immediately fixed it, so the match, which we unfortunatley lost by 4:0, could go on.

Photo: MTI

Copy editor: bm


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