When you enter to the Old Time Yard Village Museum & Restaurant, you will go back 50 years in time, sokszinuvidek.hu reports.

Róbert Papp and his family wanted to show the everyday life of the peasants by serving their traditional meals and drinks and presenting Hungarian cultural, handicraft and folklore programmes.

The Old Time Yard Village Museum & Restaurant is situated in the old town of Tihany. An oak sculpture carefully invites you to come in. You can try not just Balaton wine, homemade beer and brandy made by forest fruits, but delicious products from local ingredients. Homemade bread, pies, cheese cake, smoked trout, plum, apple and blueberry jam, homemade pickles and gastronomical wonders flavoured by  the spices of the Papps are also served here, sokszinuvidek.hu reports.

These products are traditional Hungarian dishes without artificial flavours and food colors. You can eat from clay plates and wooden platters and drink from clay jars. The environment also reminds of the old times. There are wooden carving in the court, a blacksmith, a shoemaker a pub sceneery and many other interesting details. Antiquities are hanging on the wall.

According to sokszinuvidek.hu, you can view here free programmes such as a blacksmith show, Hungarian operetta nights, oven days, pig slaughter and jam cooking. It is no wonder that the restaurant has won several awards including Premium Hungaricum trademark, Balaton Patronage Board and Land Quality. If you go to Tihany, you should definitely see the Old Time Yard Village Museum & Restaurant.

based on the article of sokszinuvidek.hu 
translated by Becsi

Photo: Daily News Hungary

Source: http://sokszinuvidek.hu/

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