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At long last, Hungarians can finally rejoice as Netflix finally has subtitles in Hungarian. This has been quite a feat considering the oddity associated with the Hungarian language. Hungarian is not actually an Indo-European language and has a relatively small pool of native speakers compared to many other European languages.

The big gulf between Hungarian and other languages was what made it difficult to justify devoting the considerable amount of resources required to translate the bulk of mainstream content to produce subtitles or voiceovers.

Fortunately, though, someone bit the bullet, and we now have a language platform for the Hungarian speaking market.

America the Elusive

Unfortunately, none of this so far has been able to wean international netizens off of wanting to watch the restricted American Netflix catalog. This is because the eternal enemy of international viewers, that is geo-blocking, still looms large and prevents those in minor markets from enjoying the full spectrum of what the online world can offer.  This is especially problematic for those who want to watch American Netflix outside of USA, but are restricted due to geographic and copyright restrictions.

Just about every streaming service does some form of geo-blocking. They probably can you down and explain to you exactly why they decided to do this, but at the end of the day, what really matters to you is that you cannot watch your favorite TV show. No explanation in the world can relieve your suffering.

Netizens from around the world all know that the American market is the Mecca of online content.

If anyone is getting access to that new movie that just got taken off the big screen, it is going to be good ole America. Since that fact is universally known to be true, the task at hand is how to access said market for Hungarians and other nationalities.

This can be trickier than many realize. The main reason behind the complication is the infamous Netflix firewall.

Netflix is known worldwide for having the toughest firewall in the business.

The firewall is blindingly efficient at sorting out who is able to access what content by filtering people by market with lightning speed.

While this is very impressive from a technological standpoint, the average international netizen is still hearing that they cannot watch the TV show they got hooked on when vacationing in the United States last summer. Many Hungarians have experienced this too.

As if to make matters worse, for the brave souls who get caught attempting to bypass the firewall, they will not just get a well-worded email asking them to stop.

Major penalties exist for those who try to stand up against mighty Netflix and fail.

The Things a VPN Can do

This is where a good VPN service comes in handy.

VPNs have exploded on the market in the last few years and have made it easier for netizens all across the virtual world to experience the comfort and peace of privacy protection without having to spend a fortune.

There are two main features of a good VPN service that most people place emphasis on.

Encryption Protection

When you activate your VPN service on your device, every exchange that goes in and out of your device will be covered by a layer of encryption protection. The data will be scrambled using the encryption and unscrambled when it reaches its destination. This enables netizens to have their activities hidden from unscrupulous third parties who wish to use their information for nefarious purposes.

Indeed, some VPNs advertise themselves as having military-grade encryption software, which is very appealing to those who deal with sensitive information on their devices on a daily basis.

The encryption system creates a sort of umbrella network over your device and any other device you are sending information requests to. In the eyes of the rest of the internet, it is as if you are in a separate parallel network.

Alternate IP Addresses

A good VPN service will afford you a wide and relevant selection of alternate IP addresses by which to remain hidden. Once you have activated your service, simply choose from the list of alternate IP addresses provided. Once the choice has been finalized, the VPN will reroute all exchanges through one of their servers located in the place you chose as your perceived IP address.

To the outside world, it will appear as if you actually live where your alternate IP address says you do. In fact, the internet will buy this so thoroughly that you will even receive country-specific ads in the local language of the country you officially reside in and no one else is the wiser.

How do I Use A VPN?

The two main features work together in order to enables you to not only be able to access American Netflix by pretending to live there, but also to be able to consistently get away with it. Remember, one of the true markers of a good VPN is its ability to consistently bypass the infamous Netflix firewall.

You will first select an alternate IP address in the United States. Once the VPN reroutes your exchanges from Hungary and makes it look like you are from the U.S., the encryption protection makes sure that you will not be caught.

It does this through its systematic information scrambler which makes it impossible for anyone else to figure out what your online activities are, and therefore cannot accuse you of any wrongdoing.

The Holy Grail of streaming content that is the American market, something that Hungarians will covet for the foreseeable future, has resulted in online streaming services expanding significantly more for Hungary as compared to other countries in the region.

And with the right tools at your disposal, your viewing party can be unlimited too!

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