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Many Hungarian vegetarians believe that it is the safest to stay at home and cook for themselves. It is because many Hungarian restaurants do not pay attention to special diets. Réka Fejes, author at visited some places in Budapest to try their vegetarian food. Here are the results.

Istvánffi Veggie Burger

It might be the fast food that vegetarians miss the most: the hot-dogs, the hamburgers, and the gyros. This place is famous for its vegetarian “fast food”, home-made buns, and veggie balls. The restaurant is perfect for a quick lunch. There were ten different hamburgers and three alternatives for the veggie balls. Furthermore, there was an option to buy only the sandwich or ask for a menu that includes fries and a drinks, too.

Address: 1053 Budapest, Király Pál Street 20. or 1036 Budapest, Lajos Street 36. 

Istvánffy Veggie Burger


This restaurant offers a wide variety of hot-dogs and hamburgers as well. The place at the Béla Bartók Street is very cosy, and it has a jungle wall, delicious smells, and friendly staff members. There were six different burgers and four hot-dogs, and most of the sandwiches were made with veggie balls. Many visitors praise the BBQ tofu burger that does look like the pictures on the internet. The hot-dog is bigger than one would expect at first. Additionally, the meals are packed with enough vegetables and sauce; the fries are delicious as well. This restaurant is a bit more expensive than the  Istvánffy Veggie Burger, but the quality is also better.

Address: 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla Street 9.

VeganLove restaurant food hamburger

Napfényes Restaurant and Pastry Shop

This restaurant offers not only traditional Hungarian meals but also some Asian courses. The place at Ferenciek Square is not a typical fast food restaurant because it has a classic look with tablecloths on the tables. It is a perfect location to have a nice lunch, but due to its popularity, you might want to reserve a table. The Napfényes Plate included Kievan stuffed slices, fried cheese, meatballs, falafel, four different foods on the side, and two kinds of sauces. One more advantage of the restaurant is that all of their desserts, including the tasty carrot cake, are vegetarian as well.

Address: 1053 Budapest, Ferenciek Square 2.

Napfényes Restaurant meal vegetarian


This place is not entirely vegetarian, but its menu has a lot to offer for vegetarians as well. Therefore, it is a perfect choice if your company likes eating meat. Hummus is the most famous here of course; in a pita or on a plate, with mushrooms, aubergine, or meat. You can eat Arabian lecsó, meatballs, falafel, and salads as well. The servings are huge, so if you eat smaller amounts, ask for the smaller sizes. The restaurant at Váci Street has nice staff members and quick service. Furthermore, they give you a mint tea free of charge to drink while you are reading through the menu.

Address: There are many locations of this restaurants so for more information, visit their website.

Hummusbar vegetarian restaurant food meal

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