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Even six-year-old students can be watched with the help of CCTV cameras placed in schools. This is because lately, many teachers have been attacked by their students in the classroom.

According to hvg, as of yet, the government is only examining the possibility of placing CCTV cameras in classrooms to increase the safety of teachers. The Ministry of Human Capacities said that if they find it a necessary step to

provide a safe learning-teaching environment,

they will place cameras in all classrooms in Hungary.

Zoltán Maruzsa, Minister of State for Public Education, added that in the past few months, many teachers have been physically and verbally abused in schools, and that is why they are thinking about introducing the above-mentioned measures. Furthermore, they are also thinking about sending police officers into schools. Finally, they would not exclude the option of cutting back family allowances in families where children hurt their teachers.

Teacher beaten in a school in district 8 in Budapest:

Based on hvg‘s information, the government has to modify the laws if they want to place CCTV cameras in schools. However, if the Parliament votes for the bill, no one will ask the parents whether they permit the authorities to monitor their children at school. The ministry stressed that they are examining the possibilities of how teachers could be better protected in the classroom. There are no decisions yet, they are currently working out different ideas.

This is what happened in a school in district 20:

The government regards it as unacceptable that students threaten, terrorise, and even beat their teachers in some schools. They added that all forms of violence are unacceptable. The ministry highlighted that there was no excuse for physical or verbal aggression neither for the students nor for their parents, regardless of their social status.


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