Elderly generation of teachers, the severe lack of teachers, many students with mental problems. These are some critical points of the Hungarian education system, according to a recently published report.

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HVG reported that a recently published study summed up the situation of the Hungarian Romani people in the Hungarian education system and problems in general regarding schools, teachers and other factors. According to this report, the number of Romani students in primary schools was 14–15% among all students while in grammar schools below 10%.

At vocational schools, the percentage of Romani students is almost 30%.

At state schools 15% while at religious institutions, 10% of the children are Romanis. Recent statistics revealed that the number of people with unfortunate circumstances started to decrease in the past few years. From 2011, the number of children living in these families is below 27%.

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It was reported that at many schools the number of children with special needs and mental disorders has increased. Between 2001 and 2018, the percentage of these students increased from 3.6% to 6.9%. These problems include hardships at studying, behaving and concentrating during the classes.

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The report deals with the situation of teachers in Hungary. Female teachers rule the education system: at kindergarten, almost 100%, primary schools 90%, grammar schools 70%, vocational schools 65% of the teachers are women. The report emphasises that the major problem regarding Hungarian teachers is that most of them are from the elderly generation.

The number of 60-year-old teachers and above is almost 30% out of all the teachers in Hungary while under 30-year-old only 6%.

Another problem is that when the elderly generation of teachers retires there would not be enough new teachers as the number of Hungarian students who would like to become teachers is decreasing. At many schools, there is a severe lack of teachers, and there are cases when a subject is taught by someone who is not qualified.

kids children student school
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Source: www.hvg.hu

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