writes that the Hungarian badminton player was defeated on the qualifying match due to her unselfishness but luckily, as justice would have it, she now finished on the world ranking list in a place that is worth a quota to Rio.

Laura Sárosi’s story went around the internet in the beginning of May, when she lent her backup shoes to her German opponent, who in the end beat Laura on the qualifying match. Many people were afraid that she won’t be able to compete in Rio. Even the Germans campaigned for Laura, who was celebrated as a hero, and the sport community formed a league for her.

laura sárosi2This is what Badminton Bluffers wrote about her generous act: “Sarosi went to her bag, took out her spare shoes which happened to be the same size as Schnaase’s and in a moment of utmost humility and soul handed the shoes to her opponent so she could carry on playing. (…) Sarosi is badminton and what she did will now be my explanation as to why I love the sport and why I believe badminton is the greatest sport on the planet. I doubt anyone I talk to will be able to disagree or even put up an argument as to why I may be wrong as there is no greater sacrifice and no greater act of sportsmanship than what badminton’s Laura Sarosi did on Wednesday in France.”

A few days ago it turned out that she will be able to attend the Olympic Games in Rio this August as she finished in a quota-worth place on the world ranking list of female badminton players. This means that we’ll be able to cheer for a Hungarian badminton player at the Games after 20 years!

József Csorba, the president of the Hungarian Badminton Federation added that Laura Sárosi is going to Rio with a subjective right, not a wild card. So the sportswoman didn’t only deserve the participation with her exemplary moral act, but also her great achievements. The last time a Hungarian badminton player participated on an Olympic Games was in 1996 by Andrea Ódor.

Congratulations and the best of luck to Laura!


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