The talented Hungarian tennis player beat the iconic Venus Williams in the second round of the Rome Masters. Despite the fact that Timi lost the first set, she was able to come back and win the second and third set. This is a huge achievement for the Hungarian player! writes that this was Timi’s first time meeting Venus Williams on court, who’s turning 36 in July but is still in good shape at the 14th place of the world ranking list. If we’re talking about birthdays, we must mention that according to Timi celebrated her 23rd birthday a day before the match.

She started out great in the first set; she was up 4:1 with a double break. But Venus braced herself up and pushed the set to a tie-break, in which Timi was leading by 5-4 when she served a double fault, missed a point, and Williams pulled in the set.

The second set started out the same way, but fortunately, ended differently. Timi was in the lead by 3:0 when Venus came back, but Timi was able to renew and keep herself together so she won the set.

Venus started out better in the final set and led by 3:1, when it was Timi’s time to come back and turn the match around. Venus had to serve to stay in the match, but it was too much pressure for her and missed the game, which meant that Timi could scream out her happiness as she defeated an icon in 2 hours and 55 minutes.

“I am so happy, this feels incredible! This was the perfect belated birthday present. It was a real fight, especially after I lost the first set. What was the most difficult for me before the match was that I had to forget who’s going to stand on the other side of the net. I am thrilled that I managed to do so! I think that this was a great match all in all. It was so great playing on Pietrangelin, one of the best courts in the world. I saw the full house and I want to thank all the Hungarians who came out to cheer for me! I’m going to be honest; I teared up at the end of the match after I won” told Timi

Congratulations and the best of luck to Timi!

+ shared a fun video that was captured before an intense point in the last set – a poor ball-boy fell over as he was going back to the wall and all the balls he carried bowled in different directions 🙂


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