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Budapest, August 26 (MTI) – Hungarian guest lecturers abroad play an important role in cultural diplomacy and in forming a positive image of Hungarians, Istvan Ijgyarto, state secretary for cultural and science diplomacy, said on Wednesday.

Opening the conference of the guest lecturers in the Balassi Institute, Ijgyarto said that in the past year the national institute which represents Hungary abroad had undergone far-reaching structural changes. Plans are to fortify cultural diplomacy and the network of guest lecturers will play an important role in doing so, he said.

Currently the institute’s 41 guest lecturers teach at 40 universities in 24 countries, and this network will soon be further expanded, said Judit Hammerstein, head of the Balassi Institute. The end goal is to double this number, she added.

During the two-day conference, which will be attended by almost a hundred guest lecturers, seminars will be held on the topic of the language as a transmitter of culture, as well as workshops about the newest developments in methodology

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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