London, 2012. augusztus 5. Berki Krisztián integet gyakorlata után a 2012-es londoni nyári olimpia férfi lólengés versenyszámának döntõjében a North Greenwich csarnokban 2012. augusztus 5-én. A magyar sportoló aranyérmet nyert. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás writes that an unbelievably fantastic honour was paid to our Olympic Champion gymnast, Krisztián Berki. An element, which he also performed in his golden routine in London, was named after him, and this element will officially go under the name ‘Berki’ from next year on. He announced the great news on his Facebook page.

“I first performed the Thomas-flare on the pommel horse in 2008… I started my routine in London with this… An athlete can accomplish a lot in his/her career, but it might be the biggest honour when an element is named after someone!!! Nine years have passed and the element will be present in the Code of Points under the name ‘Berki’ from next year on, with an E difficulty level!!!”

This news is especially huge considering that this is the third gymnastics element named after a Hungarian pommel horse specialist as the Hungarian-wanderer (Magyar-vándor) was named after Olympic Champion Zoltán Magyar and the Sivadó-wanderer (backwards Hungarian-wanderer) was named after János Sivadó.

Krisztián Berki is the gold medallist of the London Olympic Games, a three time World Champion and a six time European Champion. Due to his injury he wasn’t able to qualify for Rio, but he plans on attending the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Photo: MTI

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