Ásotthalom, Hungary

Budapest, August 24 (MTI) – More than half of Hungary’s opposition supporters are pleased with the government’s migrant policy, the latest survey by Nézőpont Institute released on Wednesday shows.

It also showed that support for the ruling parties remains well above support for the opposition.

Some 68 percent of Hungarians are satisfied with the way the government handles illegal border crossing, inlcuding 51 percent of opposition supporters, the statement said.

As many as 81 percent of Hungarians believe terrorists could be among migrants who cross the border illegally and 79 percent oppose the European Union’s migrant redistribution policy, Nézőpont said. A total of 74 percent of people who said they had no party affiliations and 41 percent of left-wing supporters said they were against the EU’s migrant quota, it added.

Support for political parties remained mostly unchanged in August compared to July, Nézőpont said citing a representative survey of 1,000 people interviewed by phone between August 12 and 15.

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The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats led the polls with 32 percent from all voters, followed by Jobbik with 12 percent support, the Socialists with 10 percent, the Democratic Coalition with 6 percent, LMP with 4 percent, Egyutt with 2 percent, and the Liberals with 1 percent.

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Source: MTI

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