Mark Biro MP (Fidesz) has never spoken in the Parliament. He has been elected in 2010 to the National Assembly. According to some calculations, he earned HUF 55 million with his silence, said.

Mark Biro has always picked up the salary. The Fidesz MP got into from the Nograd county list in the previous term, so  – according to the calculations of the newspaper Blikk – he got HUF 414 thousand constituency allowance besides his HUF 394 230 monthly basic salary, and he also got a HUF 116 thousand housing assistance. In the new term, he earns HUF 748 thousand.

According to the newspaper, Mark Biro got HUF 55 million from the Parliament in half a decade, as much as an average person working for a gross monthly salary of HUF 241.6 thousand would earn in 19 years.

Previously, wrote about the silent MPs, but Mark Biro did not even respond to the SMS.

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