Sóshartyán, 2017. május 26. Pipacs (Papaver rhoeas) virágzik a Nógrád megyei Sóshartyán közelében 2017. május 26-án. MTI Fotó: Komka Péter

Spring is saying farewells with some heatwaves, while the first days of the meteorological summer will freshen us a bit up as a result of a cold front passing nearby – announced the Hungarian National Meteorological Service on its Facebook page on Sunday.

Vg.hu quotes what they announced: the last days of both May and spring bring some heatwaves. On Tuesday and Wednesday the temperature can get as high as 30 degrees in many parts of the country. The average maximum degree of the temperature at the end of May is usually around 23 degrees, the daily records around 34-35 degrees. According to the recent calculations, we may get close to the record high temperature, but the chance of beating it is low – they added.

According to the country-wide, extended forecast of the Hungarian National Meteorological Service, Monday‘s weather is sunny and dry. The lowest temperature will be between 6-13 degrees, while the highest between 26-30 degrees. Tuesday‘s weather will be mostly sunny too, some showers may appear in the North. The coldest hours will mean 9-15 degrees. During the day the temperature can reach 28-32 degrees.

On Wednesday, the last day of May, cumuli are expected to develop, thus showers and thunderstorms may appear in the North-West first, then in the afternoon in other parts of the country as well. Strong wind can also be expected, moreover, gales may appear near thunderstorms. The lowest temperature is supposed to be between 12,18 degrees, while the highest between 28-33 degrees.

June 1, Thursday will bring sunny hours, showers and thunderstorms are expected occasionally both in the South and in the North. Wind may get strong, mainly near some thunderstorms. The lowest temperature will be between 14-20 degrees, while the highest between 25-30 degrees.

The weather of Friday and Saturday will be sunny with only a few clouds on the sky. Showers may only appear in the West on Friday, while Saturday is not likely to bring any rainfall. The lowest temperature will be around 10-16 degrees on Friday and 8-14 degrees on Saturday. The temperature can reach 23-28 degrees on both days.

Whit Sunday can bring some showers and thunderstorms, but the weather will be mainly sunny. The lowest temperature will be around 9-15, while the highest around 22-27 degrees.

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