margaret island margitsziget budapest
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During the spring and summer season, many decide to do or start outdoor sports and running is still the most popular one of these. Nowadays, although the coronavirus-epidemic slowed down in Hungary, it is still advisable to choose outdoor activities rather than going to gyms because one never can be careful enough. But even without an epidemic, why would you go to a gym if you can run in nature enjoying a beautiful environment that gives you motivation? Here are some of the best places you can try. 

Margaret Island

The island in the heart of Budapest is one of the most favourite places of citizens and tourists alike. The runners have the opportunity to run the whole island around on the Danube shore while enjoying the magnificent city view of Budapest. Furthermore, during the summer season Margaret Island has endless programs to try. To know more about these activities, check out the article below.

margaret island margitsziget budapest
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City Park

The biggest green-field of Budapest not only has the Zoo, the Circus and the iconic Gundel Restaurant but also long and adventurous roads for runners surrounded by enormous trees. After you had a long run, you can simply lay down on the grass and enjoy the sunshine (or the moonlight if you prefer to run at night).

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Bikás Park

In District 11 of Budapest, Bikás Park (Bull Park, known for the statue of three bulls) is not only the area of blocks of flats but also has a medium-sized green area with a long-running track around the park. To reach this place the simplest way is to take Metro Line 4 in the direction of Kelenföld Railway Station. 


This is one of the most well-known places in Buda with beautiful environment, clean air and, of course, running tracks down one hill and up on another. Some of them even lead to the Elizabeth Lookout on János Hill where you can stop to take some rest and enjoy the view of Budapest.

normafa in summer


The Manhattan of Budapest has an approximately five km-long running track next to the Danube coast which is very popular among sports lovers. During the weekdays it is almost empty, and on the weekends only a few people use the track.

Csepel photo
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Many only see the enormous bus station and the Groupama Arena in the area of Népliget, but this green area of Budapest also has some good paths and tracks for runners.

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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