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Here is the list of the most spectacular ice rinks in Budapest

Here is the list of the most spectacular ice rinks in Budapest

The coming winter season does not mean that one should stop with all outdoor sport activities, because there are lots of opportunities for the lovers of this season. One of them is skating that has a very unique atmosphere, with the small cottages lining around the ice rink and the inevitable Christmas songs in the background. Let’s check out some of the best skating rinks available in Budapest.

1. The Csepel Skating Corridor

As reports, the Csepel Skating Corridor is open to the public every day between 30 November and 28 February. The modern skating rink is in fact a skating corridor which is 2.5 m wide and 150 m long. It is for 3 years now that the municipality of Csepel has set up the skating rink in the familiar location, next to the Sport Center.

The skating corridor in Csepel/facebook/Csepel jégpálya

In the last few years, they could even develop and extend the rink. The rink along with the skating corridor can be found in an area of 950 square meters.

As Lénárd Borbély reported, this rink is the smaller and more developed version of the rink that is found in Vienna. Consequently, it is not a surprise that, based on an online survey carried out last year, it was chosen as one of the best ice rinks in Budapest.

Fina Aristic

Furthermore, as the mayor of Csepel pointed out, a novelty was also introduced compared to the previous years. Now, besides the primary school students, secondary school students can also use the rink free of charge, on weekdays between 8 and 14 o’clock. In addition to this, the mayor encourages everyone to use the rink and enjoy the advantages it offers.

The view from above the Csepel Ice Rink /facebook/Csepel jégpálya

Opening hours (29 November 2017 – the middle of February, 2018)

on weekdays: 14:00-22:00
on Saturday and Sunday and during the Christmas holiday: 8:00-22:00
on 24 December: 8:00-14:00

The entrance fee is 700 Ft/person. Ice skates can be borrowed for 600 Ft/person.

2. The Ice Rink at Saint Stephen’s Basilica

Within the framework of the Christmas fair organised in front of the Basilica, kids under 14 have the opportunity to skate for free in the skating rink surrounded by cottages selling typical Christmas dishes and beverages. The rink, as reports, covers an area of 200 square meters where, from Friday to Sunday, kids between 4-14 can participate in free skating and ice dancing courses. These courses are between 14-20 o’clock on Fridays, and between 10-18 o’clock on Saturdays and Sundays.

While the kids acquire the basics of skating, the adults can enjoy the spectacular light painting shows that impress the visitors in every half an hour starting from 16:30 until 22:00 o’clock. The show is a must-see event if you are in the Christmas fair anyway.

The novelty of the 2017 light painting shows is that besides the projection of some  short movies never seen before, the scenes are casted onto the surface of the Basilica in 3D.

The blue and red glasses necessary for the show can be purchased at any of the stalls if you do not have one at hand.

Opening hours (between 24 November 2017 – 1 January 2018)

from Monday to Thursday: 11:30-20:00
on Friday: 11:30-22:00
on Saturday: 10:00-22:00
on Sunday: 10:00-20:00

The usage of the rink is free of charge, like the borrowing of the skates.

3. The City Park Ice Rink

A true gem of Budapest is the City Park Ice Rink right next to the City Park Lake and the Vajdahunyad Castle. It has been the symbol of winter sports and outings since the 1870s. The history of the rink dates back to 1870 when it was opened, although 4 years later, it was demolished in a fire. The rink, operating even today, was built up based on the plans of Ödön Lechner.

Ice Rink in Budapest’s City Park with the Vajdahunyad Castle in the background
wikicommons by user: Themightyquill

The whole establishment is also accessible for people with disabilities. Besides offering skate-borrowing and skate-sharpening services, skate courses are also provided for the visitors. Furthermore, the tired skaters can sit down, to regain their strength, in the bufet.

A novelty introduced in the 2016/2017 season was the introduction of the online ticket purchasing service that facilitates the entrance for those who would like to avoid the long queues and enjoy the incredible atmosphere as soon as possible.

City Park Ice Rink /facebook/Városligeti műjégpálya

Opening hours (between 20 November 2017 – the end of February 2018)

on weekdays: 9:00-13:00 and 17:00-21:00
on Saturday: 9:00-13:00 and 16:00-21:00
on Sunday: 9:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00

4. The Ice Rink at Müpa (Palace of Arts)

This year, an ice rink at Müpa also welcomes the visitors arriving for the various programmes in the Advent season. For the lovers of skating, this is a great location close to the Danube where they can enjoy the atmosphere by skating in a rink covering 400 square meters. The background music is provided by the 2 radio channels of the Müpa (Easy and Symphony), so it is much more enjoyable to skate around in circles.

Skates can be borrowed in the main building where mulled wine, hot chocolate and spicy apple drink are also available.

In the series of the Müpa Cultural Outdoor Programmes, visitors can get to know better the glockenspiel that entertains the public with well-known and popular Christmas songs.

In the tent, set up next to the skating rink, colourful programmes are offered. From the children programmes through the astonishing circus performances to the theatrical productions, a great variety of programmes is provided, so it is really worth a visit.

Opening hours (2 December 2017 – 28 January 2018)

On weekdays:
14:00 – 15:45
16:11 – 17:45
18:00 – 20:00
At weekend and during the school holiday:
10:00 – 11:45
12:00 – 13:45
14:00 – 15:45
16:11 – 17:45
18:00 – 20:00

With valid Müpa, Müpa Tent or Ludwig Museum tickets, it is free of charge for one occasion. Without a Müpa ticket, it is 500 Ft/occasion.

There are innumerable skating rinks open to the public in Budapest during the winter season, so the list is still not complete. (If you want to know more about the rinks available in Budapest or in Hungary, you can check them out here.)

Skating is a great past-time activity that brings people together and it is good to see that there are more and more rinks that are either free or offer discounts.

Consequently, everyone can enjoy the unparalleled feeling of skating among spectacular surroundings, be it next to the Danube or the Basilica, that creates a unique atmosphere, so that time spent with skating will be an unforgettable experience.

Featured image: MTI


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