Its irresistible sweet delicacies crown Hungary’s delicious gastronomy. Let’s see which are the unmissable Hungarian ‘sugar bombs’.

Chimney Cake (Kürtőskalács)

Kürtős kalács

The sweet spit cake can be associated with Hungary, and Hungarian-speaking regions, especially Székely Land.

Kürtőskalács was pronounced as a Hungaricum in 2015.

Initially, it was made for festive occasions, but since then it has become part of everyday consumption. Its basic ingredient is the sweet, rolled yeast dough which is wrapped around a truncated cone-shaped baking spit, and coated in granulated sugar. While basting in melted butter, it is roasted over charcoal until it becomes golden-brown. During the baking process, the sugar on its surface gets caramelised and forms a shiny, crispy crust. Even additional flavourings are added on the top such as walnut, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, cocoa etc.

Chimney-Cake Ice-Cream Cone (Kürtős-fagyi)

Kürtős kalács fagyi

If you would like to enhance the pleasure of Kürtőskalács, you should try its ’sugar bomb’ version, called Chimney-Cake Ice-Cream Cone (Kürtős-fagyi). It is a special and unique handmade product that was born after several years long experiments and became a new craze in Budapest in 2016. The ice cream is placed in a perfectly sized and cone-shaped mini Chimney Cake instead of wafers, so the result is a fantastic dessert that you can lick and bite at the same time. The top of the ice cream is crowned with several delicacies which are chosen by the consumer. Additionally, at the bottom of the Nutella funnel, some further delicious surprises are hidden.

Túró Rudi

Pöttyös Túró Rudi
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According to, the story of the popular Hungarian curd snack began in the 1960s when a team of dairy experts after a study trip to Moscow came up with the idea of producing a new, unique product: sweet, slightly lemon curd covered by the thin chocolate-flavoured coating. Its product name “Rudi” comes from the Hungarian word ‘rúd’ which means ‘bar’ in English. However, publishers of those days considered the original name immoral and refused the advertisement of Túró Rudi. Despite the initial advertising boycott, for the 1980s Rudi became one of the best selling products.

Nowadays, it is made in different sizes – the classic 30-gram bar and the larger (“óriás”, giant) 51-gram bar; and several flavours – filled with apricot, strawberry and raspberry jam, or coconut, vanilla aromas. The outer chocolate coating can be found in dark chocolate and milk chocolate versions. Currently, ‘fit version’ of Túró Rudi called Fitt Pöttyös is also available in the shops, containing 30% less sugar than the original bar.

The “pöttyös” (spotty) theme is part of the marketing scheme of the bar, as a result of which the distinctive red polka-dots are automatically associated with Túró Rudi by regular consumers.

Győri Biscuits (Győri Keksz)

Győri Édes

Győri is a brand name for biscuit products and candies owned by the Hungarian company Győri Keksz Ltd. Its production started in Győr at the beginning of the 20th century, with the involvement of 50 professionals. Since then, the company extended so significantly that nowadays it employs 2000 people, producing 334 different goods.

As Wikipedia describes, Győri Keksz products can be grouped in the following categories:

  • ‘JóReggelt’ products: corn biscuits with various flavours
  • ‘Győri Édes’ products: short biscuits with various flavours and sponge-cakes with 3 kind of fillings
  • ‘Negro’ products: candies with or without filling in 7 flavours
  • ‘Pilóta’ products: short biscuits with cream or jelly filling or with chocolate covering
  • ‘Tuc’ products: salty crackers in salt, ham or paprika flavours
  • ‘Győri Nápolyi’ products: wafers in 7 different flavours
  • ‘Albert’ and ‘Korpovit’ biscuits
  • ‘Tele’ products: salty crackers in 6 different flavours
  • ‘Háztartási keksz’: plain biscuit


Mogyi Caramoon

In 2017, the introduction of the Hungarian caramel popcorn – Caramoon – was a massive success on the international market; as a result of which, three prestigious awards were given to the unique sweet product. As the website of the producer company “Mogyi” describes,

“The lovely taste of Caramoon comes from the compound of popped corn and luscious caramel. And it seems that people love it, around the world.”

Three international awards can prove that:

  • Best Snack Innovation Yummex 2017 – Dubai
  • Best Snack Prodexpo 2018 – Moscow
  • Best Snack Wabel 2018 – Paris


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