Chimney Cake making

Taiwan, Anaheim, Chicago, Toronto… people from all over the world love the Hungarian dessert. Chimney cake conquers not only the world but YouTube as well. These are the most popular chimney cake videos on the world’s No. 1 video sharing platform: YouTube.

Even though the exact origins of the chimney cake have been the topic of many arguments over the years, Hungarians still consider it (at least partly) their own. It is a Szekler, Transylvanian and Hungarian dessert speciality. A simple dough rolled around a truncated cone-shaped baking spit. It is roasted over charcoal while basted with melted butter until its surface has a golden-brown colour, then it is dipped into cinnamon sugar (or other flavoured sugar: vanilla, cocoa, coconut, etc.).

Fun fact, chimney cake is also one of the most instagrammed Hungarian foods with more than 32,000 posts.

The newest craze is putting all sorts of fillings, like ice cream, Nutella or icing inside the cake. As it has not been sugary enough on its own…

Nevertheless, people all over the world seem to love chimney cake in all of its forms. Daily News Hungary shared several articles about the international success of chimney cakes, and how the dessert conquered Canada, Taiwan and the Channel Islands.

The success of chimney cakes is also apparent on YouTube as well, since many videos have been uploaded about the sweet delight over the years: recipes, food trucks, bakeries, or simply about adventurous people coming to Hungary and trying it out.

Anaheim, California – House of Chimney Cakes

House of Chimney cakes was founded by ex-Hungarian-model Szandra and her cousin’s friends Omar Lara. They have the traditional Hungarian flavours on the menu, but they also offer their signature creations like the birthday cake or the Oreo one. These chimney cakes should be seen and not read about, so definitely check out the video.

Daily News Hungary has posted a detailed article on Szandra’s business venture in the United States. To read all about the story behind House of Chimney Cakes, check out the article here.

Toronto – Eva’s original chimneys

Éva, among many others, left Hungary in 1956 to start a new life in Canada with her family. Many years later, with the help of her grandson, they opened their family business: Eva’s Original Chimneys. Click here, to read more about the history of their business. Eater, Toronto’s Finest and Breakfast Television Toronto all made reports about Eva’s successful business.

Chicago – Chimney Cake Island

In Chicago, you can try the Romanian version of the chimney cake. It is generally believed that chimney cakes originated from Transylvania. Transylvania belonged to Hungary until 1920. After the First World War, it was “taken away from” Hungary, and it was officially declared as part of Romania. Thus, Romanians often argue that chimney cake is a Romanian dessert, like the owner of Chimney Cake Island. In the video, she says that Romanians prefer a walnut flavoured one, which is not a traditionally popular taste in Hungary, where people prefer the cinnamon or vanilla one. Nevertheless, it looks the same.

Chimney cakes in Krakow, Poland

The polish decided to put a twist on the famous dessert and they put Nutella, nuts and ice cream inside the cakes. It is a huge success:

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Source: YouTube, Daily News Hungary, Wikipedia

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