Instagramming your food has become a worldwide trend by now, with solid roots even in Hungary, where you can use the #mutimiteszel hashtag. But what is the most Instagrammed Hungarian food? Femina reveals the top ten.

Getting into the depth of the customs of social media users is not a new thing, not even when it comes to food: recently, the Independent revealed the results of a survey conducted in the UK, from which we learn that the most popular food on Instagram there is curry.

A survey of the same nature was conducted in Hungary by a national food ordering portal, Falatozz.hu, focusing on the most popular food among Hungarian Instagram users (the #mutimiteszel hashtag was really helpful in this, as it was used over 1 million times on Instagram). The survey focused only on photos uploaded in 2018.

Here are the top 10 most Instagrammed Hungarian foods:

  • Lángos – featured in 64 thousand posts
  • Chimney cake –32 thousand posts
  • Pancakes –26 thousand posts
  • Lecsó –12 thousand posts
  • Sausage – 11 thousand posts
  • Goulash – 9 thousand posts
  • Fisherman’s soup – 7200 posts
  • Stew – 6500 posts
  • Somlói Galuska – 6000 posts
  • Rétes – 5500 posts
The traditional Hungarian lángos
photo: www.facebook.com/LángosPapa

You might wonder where the chicken paprikash is? Well, even though it is a Hungarian favourite, it seems that people do not find it trendy enough to post it on Instagram, though it has 1000 features. The same goes for deep-fried cheese and túrós csusza (1200-1200 posts), csalamádé and pasta with potato (700-700).

What do people actually eat and snap?

Falatozz.hu boldly suggested that people do not usually eat what they post, so they have compared their statistics to the list of the most popular foods, and there are some interesting differences…

Even though chimney cake is the second most ’grammed food, it landed on the bottom of the list featuring the most ordered foods.

This, however, does not mean that people do not like it, only that numerous restaurants do not have it on their menu as it is quite complicated to prepare.

Chimney cake - kürtőskalács
Chimney cake
Photo: www.facebook.com/vitezkurtos

On the top of the list, you will find Somlói Galuska, lángos and pancakes. Somlói Galuska is the absolute winner of this round, as it was ordered almost ten times more than lángos was.

featured image: www.facebook.com/NorasLangos

Source: femina.hu

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