coca cola love is love ad

Posters have been put up in Hungarian subways promoting the acceptance of same-sex relationships, which caused homophobe outrage on the internet. BKV (Transportation Company of Budapest) put out a statement in which they basically refuse to take a stand, saying they are not responsible for the commercials and are in the process of changing their ad organiser anyway.

Coca Cola’s #LOVEISLOVE campaign features a lesbian and a gay couple on the posters, which were put up in the last couple of days in Budapest, reports Index.  First, Pesti Srácok wrote about how “Budapest is being conquered by the homosexual lobby” on Friday. Then, later on, an online petition appeared, asking to boycott the soda company and to have the posters removed, as well as to “stop the homosexual lobby from targeting children, families and the whole of society.”


BKV reacted to the situation on Sunday, in a statement saying that they are not the ones responsible for the commercials but their external partners they have a contract with. The ads have been organised by Peron Reklám Kft. since 1999.

Hungarian House Speaker makes homophobic remarks, read how the public reacted HERE.


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