Budapest, January 15 (MTI) – House Speaker Laszlo Kover said he saw no conflict between the tenets of Christianity and refusing to accommodate migrants, in an interview to a local television channel on Friday.

In his interview, given to Szolnok Television, Kover argued that the teachings of Christianity are “lifelike so that ordinary people can abide with them” and said that each problem should be dealt with where it was created. The requirements of Christianity do not go beyond meeting obligation under Hungary’s international agreements, Kover said, and insisted that refugees should be granted decent conditions on a temporary basis in Turkey, a safe country.

Kover also added that Christian principles were often cited by “leftist politicians who use the refugee crisis to destroy the foundations of Europe’s Christian civilisation”.

According to Kover, the European Union “could solve the migration problem should it wish to do so”. He argued that “nothing would be easier” than blocking sea routes for migrants, and insisted that Europe’s hesitation to take firm action is seen by migrants as an “informal invitation”.

Kover urged European aid to countries such as Turkey or Jordan, which “absorb” the wave of migrants from their neighbours. He noted that some of the refugees are indeed fleeing for life or because their homes have been destroyed.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Persze, egyertelmu, hogy Europa befogadokepessegenek is van hatara. Az is ertheto, hogy ha nem akarnak annyi egyedulallo ferfit beengedni. Az viszont szinten elfogadhatatlan, hogy Magyarorszag befogadokepessege nulla, minthogy az is, hogy nokkel, gyerekekkel es csaladokkal szemben is elutasitoak legyenek. Miert ne lehetne azt mondani, hogy M.o. befogad X szamu gyerekkel rendelkezo, haborus ovezetbol jott csaladot? De legalabb noket es gyerekeket, keresztenyt es muzulmant egyarant.

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