The Hungarian Government published the official documents about the amount of payroll tax Hungarian politicians paid and also the average salaries. Let us see the exact numbers.

Viktor Orbán earned a salary of approximately 21 million HUF (63,500 EUR), and 15% of this amount of money was payroll tax which means an average 3.2 million HUF (9,680 EUR) – reports

Mihály Varga (Finance Minister) earned 22.6 million HUF (66,550 EUR) and paid 2.6 million HUF (7,800 EUR) of tax.

Péter Szijjártó (Minister of Foreign Affairs) has the same salary and same tax as Mihály Varga, with an average of 420,000 HUF (1,270 EUR) tax allowance.

Antal Rogán has approximately 65 million HUF (196,000 EUR) of fortune and paid 9.8 million HUF (30,250 EUR) of tax.

Andrea Bártfai-Mager (minister without portfolio in charge of managing national assets) paid 7 million HUF (21,000 EUR) of tax out of 47 million HUF (142,000 EUR) of payment.

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