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Almost every person has consumed alcoholic beverages in their life. Someone did it rarely and in small doses, someone liked the feeling of intoxication, and he tried to intensify it. The desire to drink alcohol is different. A number of people have a persistent aversion to the smell and taste of any alcoholic product.

Others feel the special aroma of fine collection wines. Still others value spirits and opt for brandy, rum, whiskey, vodka, etc. Socially disadvantaged alcoholics drink what is affordable for them: low-quality vodka, moonshine. Let’s find out in what situations the drinker needs the help of a narcologist.

Why there is a desire to drink?

The mood for drinking a small amount of light alcohol in the company of loved ones is strikingly different from the craving for alcohol dependence.

In the first case, we are talking about pleasure:

  • Meetings with friends
  • Spending time together
  • Discussion of general topics

For this kind of events, alcohol is only of secondary importance, and can be easily replaced by any other drink. This need is not pathological and does not have any negative consequences for drinkers. Occasional use is influenced by tradition rather than necessity.

In the second situation, a person is aimed at obtaining a feeling of intoxication. Euphoria is the main goal of hard drinking. With alcohol addiction, taking alcoholic beverages becomes a person’s need, with which he often cannot cope. Unfortunately, not all alcoholics are trying to figure out how to overcome the urge to drink and get rid of the addiction.

Obsessive attraction with alcoholism

At stage 1 of the disease, mental dependence is formed. She is characterized by a constant, subconscious desire to drink alcohol. The patients themselves deny the presence of cravings. They feel that they are able to control their urge to drink.

Their own drunkenness is justified:

  • Desire to “relax” after a hard day’s work
  • Attempts to relieve stress
  • Aggravation of relations in the family and at work, with people
  • Endless occasions – celebrating all kinds of events;
  • “Rest” at the weekend
  • Traditional drinking of alcohol on fishing, dacha, visiting, etc

Obsessive cravings gradually begin to control all the feelings, thoughts and emotions of the patient. Only a small proportion of alcoholics develop alertness at the initial stage. Some start drinking energy drinks to avoid alcohol but it does not work for long. Few of them think about how to deal with the urge to drink.

Compulsive cravings

When a compulsion appears, all the existing “restraints” of drunkenness cease to fulfill their functions. An alcoholic think about only one thing: where and how to drink. Craving completely absorbs his needs, emotions and thoughts. Therefore, it is important to know how to quit drinking before its too late.

Not a single reasonable argument for physical traction will give a positive result. Only after the end of the drinking period will it be possible to “reach out” to the consciousness of the sick person. But the positive effect of talking will only last until the next bout of indomitable drinking. In this case, only a narcologist can tell you how to deal with the desire to drink.

How to get rid of the urge to drink yourself

Almost any person can suppress the craving for drinking, if he does not have a neglected form of alcoholism.

To achieve the result, it is enough:

  • Assess the situation and remember the harmful effects and negative consequences of drinking alcohol.
  • Set yourself up for a sober life.
  • Show volitional efforts and character, not agree to the call of others to drink alcoholic beverages. And to deploy “ridicule” and “mockery” at those who express them, and show that in fact the one who is an adherent of the glass, not health, is unhappy and sick.

For prevention, you should do physical education, sports. The regularity of the exercises will reliably protect you from the urge to drink and will provide a reliable result. These recommendations are also suitable for people who already have alcohol dependence in the initial stages.

Final Words

Now, if a person has developed a neglected form of alcoholism. It will be very difficult to do without the participation of a narcologist. But with persistence in this situation, you can achieve success. It is important not to give up and stubbornly go towards the goal.

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  1. Statistically referenced, the consumption of alcohol, just not in Hungary, but globally, has alarmingly increased since February 2020.
    If this is the date period, that is being used as a reference, the paramount reason is attributed to the global coronavirus pandemic and it’s multitude effects on human life and lifestyle.
    The tax from sales of alcohol, we don’t need to be Rhodes Scholars, to know that Governments, grad there extremely solid amount, and see it as “easy” money for there budgets bottom line.
    The sale of Tabacco, the exact same applies, the love Governments have in it’s sales, to build there bottom lines.
    We read, in the months from February 2020, the frightening statistic, that the numbers of heavy alcohol consumers has not deceased, but that numbers are growing horrendously, by people, who have moved there status from a social drinker or occasional consumer, but due to lock downs and other multitude sad and depressing circumstances, there drinking has increased two fold, being used as a “medicine” to help them in the crisis that there lives currently are in.
    I enjoy a social indulgence of alcohol.
    What annoys and disgusts me, is Governments first hand knowledge, the effects, that excessive consumption of alcohol by individuals, the wide range of physiological and health issues – that factorially do occur.
    It has appalled me, in the “lock down” of society, we still, to a large degree, have to live our lives, that the availability to purchase alcohol, was never seriously adjusted.
    Governments bottom lines, the easiness of tax from alcohol and tabacco, always has and always will be given absolution, and permitted operate function, without interference or adjustment, to circumstances, that should see availability “scaled back” and not run it’s own agenda, functioning in a style or fashion, that life is one of normality, and nothing should change.
    Society provided by Governments wrongly have multiple choices and sources, to purchase alcohol, which should not have 24 hour bottle shop availability, but the sincere honest answer is driven by tax, what is collected from the sale of alcohol and tabacco, that Governments see as “easy” income to there bottom line.
    Alcoholism – is an illness.
    Statistically it could be argued, that in rehabilitation circumstances, the curing or healing process has higher success levels in drug abuse addiction than alcoholism.
    I was born in a country that at 18.00 hours – Monday to Saturday, that all alcohol selling venues, by law, had to close.
    Australia, what change, as the world has changed, in it’s needs of alcohol and it’s position, we use it in our lives, and as a country in Hungary, and what the Government, earns from our consumption.
    Factorially commenting, the society problem we have to-day will not go away but will increase
    in relation to alcohol.
    History tells us that and there certainly will not be a cultural change of adjusted abstinence from alcohol, which rests comfortable with my thoughts.
    Stay Well – ALL and enjoy your moderated and controlled responsible glass of alcohol – I will ///

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