Sometimes, you transfer to a new location because of work, or you make this life choice to examine a new prospective home to assess how it will fit your lifestyle before making a permanent move. With this temporary relocation, you have to think of changing the pattern of your home mail delivery to avoid having them pile-up in your place while you are away. If you ignore your mail and leave them in an overstuffed mailbox, you risk losing important correspondence. Moreover, you give thieves the invitation to come and invade your house because your mailbox is declaring that no one is home. Here under are few tips on how to get your mail forwarded if you are temporarily changing address:

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Holding Mail Service

Holding works if you’re going on a short vacation, and you intend to come back right away. The holding service stops the mailman from delivering the mail to your home for a designated time frame only because you’re not changing address.

Holding all your mail in the post office and temporarily stopping them from being brought to your house can be done for as little as 3 days to a maximum of thirty days.

Later on, you can opt to have these delivered to your house on the time you indicated in your request. You can also choose to pick up all your mail in the nearest post office when you return home. Remember, anything longer than thirty days, and the post office will ask you to opt for mail forwarding.

Standard Mail Forwarding Service

This is the basic and regular mail forwarding feature in the post office, which re-directs your mail to a new temporary location. It is considered as the most affordable option because it comes with minimal fees. This is beneficial if your changing address is temporary because this service could be utilized for as short as two weeks and as long as one year.

Initially, you are given six months for this service.

After that period, you can once again extend it for another six months. You can enroll easily for this service via online or in person at the nearest post office. The cost of standard mail forwarding is actually free if you do it in person. However, they charge a dollar if you enroll for this delivery service online, which you can pay via credit card.

This service works out by forwarding each mail you receive, piece by piece, to your new location. However, packages cannot be sent out and can be claimed after making arrangements or much later on at the post office upon your return. On top of that, subscriptions like magazines will only be forwarded for 60 days.

Premium Mail Forwarding Service

As the name implies, this premium service comes with a premium price tag. This more expensive service includes a once a week shipping of all your mails that shall be re-routed to your new location. Signing up for this temporary service also needs a minimum of two weeks, and this could last for a maximum period of one year only. Unfortunately, this service is not available for PO boxes, so make sure you have a home or business address for the weekly shipments.

The initial cost of enrolling for this service is around twenty dollars, and it can be done in your local post office or online.

After this, there is a weekly service fee for around the same amount, which you must pay via credit card. There is a costly price tag attached to this service because your forwarded mail is collected and packaged once a week and then it forwarded by priority mail service.

Once the package has been dispatched, you will get a notification with your billing and tracking information for your priority mail parcel once a week. If there is no mail for you during that week, you will also get a notification. Your priority mail package will arrive within one to three business days, depending on the distance of your temporary address to your local post office.

Other pertinent details you must know is that any priority mail and express mail items shipped to your old address can be rerouted straight to your forwarding address.

If it is faster to include these items in your weekly package, then they send it with your weekly mail. Take note, any first class mail items receive top priority. If these parcels cannot fit in the weekly priority mail package because of size, then it will be forwarded separately at no added cost to you.

Register for the Service

The hold service, standard mail forwarding service, and premium mail forwarding service need to be registered for either in person or via online. If you have questions and need assurance, speaking to an actual post office staff may assuage your worries. Whether you register online or in the flesh, a unique confirmation number will be assigned to you. Take note: do not lose this number! You have to keep this number safe because you will need it to cancel your service or edit your rerouting details and preferences.

Canceling or Changing a Service

When you subscribe to a holding service or a temporary mail forwarding service account if you’re planning a short-term move or taking a quick vacation, you have to indicate an end date with your registration form.

This means that this particular service you have chosen will end on this exact date. After, your regular mail delivery will once again commence in your original address.

If you need to make changes or cancellations to the service you have chosen, this can be easily done online. All you have to do it supply your temporary zip code, along with the original confirmation number given to you during your initial registration. Later on, you can use this to change dates, extend end dates, or finally make your temporary address change to a full permanent change in address.

It is important to note that whether you’re moving somewhere temporarily or permanently, you should consider forwarding all your mail.

When you make a permanent move, chances are you won’t be able to notify every single family member, friend, financial institutions, subscriptions, government agencies, etc. of your new address. Using a forwarding service for six months to a year guarantees that all your mail will make it to your new home, while the sender gets notified of your permanent address change. Choosing to avail of these postal services means you won’t miss out on any important correspondence.

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