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According to, a significant tourism expo took place in Chongqing, the heaven of central China, more specifically, in the Yuelai International Expo Centre between June 8 and 10.

The primary aim of the expo is to allow the participating companies to present their products and services to the wider public and inform them about the available, mainly tourism-related solutions.

The event proved to be invaluable for business development and for building connections.

htcc, china, expo
Chongqing Tourism Expo, Photo:

Two halls were used as the location of the expo, with presenters awaiting the over 87 thousand visitors in an area of 23 thousand square meters overall. The Hungarian Trade and Cultural Centre (HTCC) also participated in the event and presented their products by the booth provided by the local Hungarian consulate.

The products included Hungarian mineral waters, different dietary supplements, soil treatment products and Hungarian specialities like paprika products.

Ferenc Fülöp, the leader of HTCC’s Chongqing delegate, led several successful negotiations with local businessmen and businesswomen interested in the products and technologies of the associated companies. He also revealed his hopes that participating in the event is going to help use the arising opportunities to their fullest as well as to help HTCC’s future successes in China.

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