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Huge fire breaks out in Budapest store-house

Huge fire breaks out in Budapest store-house

A 3000 square meter store-house burst into flames in Budapest’s 13th district at Frangepan Street, causing a huge fire, reports. Neighbouring office buildings were also in danger. The fire has been extinguished by early afternoon, and no one was injured.

More than 50 professional firefighters set out to put out the fire, and additional, volunteer firemen from the Zugló district joined their efforts. Those in the nearby office buildings were endangered; one of them, a three-storey building was protected by firemen. Everyone was sent out to the streets. Finally, they managed to enclose the area and thus avoid the threat of smoke inhalation.

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The smoke plume was so tall that it could be seen from Buda, and smoke detectors in neighboring buildings went off.

Its strong smell led to the suspicion that it may be harmful to health, but no lethal amount of gas was detected.


It was a 3000 square meter IT storage building that caught on fire, covering the entire area in smoke. Furthermore, another building in the area stores highly explosive car parts. Fortunately, no one was injured and the fire was put out by early afternoon.

Featured image: MTI / Bruzák Noémi


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